Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday...Or Is It?

If you read my soul searching post from Friday, you know I went off the deep end foodwise because of unexpected stress. You also know that I put on the brakes and thought deeply about what had caused me to turn to sugary food for relief, when I haven't used food that way in months.
Today was Moment of Truth day...what number would I see on the scale after my binge? Even though I got back on track for the rest of the week, I was nervous about weighing myself today. Actually, I was already getting nervous yesterday evening, but I focused on other more postive things to stop from worrying.
I did gain...but only .6 pounds. I am OK with that, and quite relieved that it wasn't more. Now, if I had continued to binge without examining why I was doing it, I would have gained even more. By stopping the downhill slide early, I saved myself from further damage. The situation I described on Friday is still there and not pleasant, but I will not let the stress stop me from reaching my goals. I know I made the right decision, and nobody is going to make me feel badly about myself because the decision did not go the way they wanted it to.
Speaking of focusing on positive things last night...I cried during Celebrity Apprentice. For all Bret Michaels has been through, especially in the last couple of months, he amazes me. He was there for the live finale, looking much better than anyone ever thought he would at this point. Just like during the whole season, people didn't think he had a chance. Well, since he won...I bet they are eating their words. (Would anyone like a little salt and pepper for their crow?) He inspires me to work hard and be my best. If Bret can be a fighter through everything in his life...then I can certainly bounce back from a sugar binge and a few rough spots. Just like Bret, don't count me out...there's more to me than you know, and I am strong!

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