Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Biggest Loser Makeovers...Inside and Out!

*photo courtesy of NBC.

Welcome to my favorite week of Biggest Loser every season, not counting the finale. It's Makeover Week! Not only do we look forward to it watching at home, but the contestants are thrilled when they finally hear those magic words and are whisked away for new clothes, haircuts, and outer transformations. It seems to me that every season the makeovers get better, because this one knocked my socks off. All six of them looked amazing, and the reactions from their families were priceless. You can see how different everyone looks now, but it's not just because of the stylists. Their inner pride and confidence shines through, giving them that extra glow after all that they have done so far on the ranch.

Speaking of inner pride and confidence, the second half of the show really focused on that. The challenge for the week involved the "dreaded" Jacob's Ladder. (Actually, I would love to have one of those...I could really take my workouts to the next level, and beyond!) Koli and Daris were each able to keep going for over 2 1/2 hours, both staying strong until Daris suddenly gave up and let go. When Bob and Jillian found out that Daris had given away the win, they were shocked. Bob told Daris that even though he's come a long way, there are definitely still some issues he needs to deal with, otherwise he wouldn't have given up. Bob not only works Daris out on the ladder again, but puts, him through several more demanding workouts. He is relentless on getting Daris to realize just how much mental strength he has. They keep doing it over and over until he meets the challenge, and focuses on how strong he is instead of the fact that his legs were hurting. Daris is now tougher than ever.

The other perfect example of inner strength is Ashley. She recalled how when she first got to the ranch, she had no confidence in herself, and didn't really think she would be able to do it. She and Jillian discuss how throughout the season, Ashley has turned on her mind so she could accomplish what she set out to do, and even more than she thought was possible. Ashley is so happy now, because she realizes how strong she really is, and that she had it in her all along.

This is something I've struggled with in my life. I can relate now to finding that confidence in myself, and the strength that was always inside of me. I see both coming out more in me every single day...and with examples like Daris and Ashley, I'm motivated even more to be my best and bring it out all the way. Thank you to both of you for the inspiration!


Kristina said...

I loved this episode for all the same reasons. And Daris and Ashley are my two favs this season!!! She is from the next town over from where I live. Loved how Daris fell off the TM and jumped right up and back onto it. He was so focused!

WriterMarie said...

Great minds think alike! ;o) I love both of them!