Monday, July 19, 2010

What Helps You Avoid a Binge?

Let's face it...people of all shapes and sizes binge at times. The stereotype is that plus-sized men and women are the ones who drown their sorrows in ice cream, fast food, chips, and pizza. The reality proves, that binging is not limited to those above a certain size. Anyone who breaks up with his or her significant other, loses a job, or has to deal with a family member's illness can be prone to bouts of binge eating. The tragedies and stresses of life do not only happen if you wear a double-digit size. In fact, the slender binge eaters are less likely to think it's a problem, since the results don't always show up on their hips because of their metabolism.
It is not good for you to binge, no matter your size. Just because you are thin doesn't mean that you aren't stressing your body with these food fests, and on the other hand just because your natural body size doesn't allow you to fit into a size 6 dress doesn't mean it's OK for you to eat unlimited quantities of food at a sitting. It messes with your metabolism and other bodily functions, and too much sugar, salt, or anything is not healthy for your body. Moderation is the way to go in all things.
Now, what if you usually use food to cope with stress? What can you do instead to deal with it in a healthier way? Find something non-food related...go for a walk, go dancing, read, or talk to a friend. Something that always works for me is writing it all out. I write poems and songs, or find a way for one of my characters to work out stress on paper. You can also write it down...even if you don't write for a living like I do, start a journal and write your feelings in it. It doesn't have to be something for anyone to read except you, unless you wish to share it. That way you can say whatever you want and get it all out without worrying that you will offend someone. Once it's all on paper you will feel better and probably won't feel like eating the junk anymore. Writing it down may also help you find a solution to your problem or find a new way to deal with old hurts.
Think before you grab that food and start digging in. You are a wonderful person and worth treating your body well. If you have techniques to help you deal with stress that work for you, please share them here. Size does not matter...but health does. Find a way to do what's right for your body and treat it well. You deserve it!

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