Thursday, July 8, 2010

Size Does Not Matter -- Neither Does Age! Get Out There And Live!

I am so happy that the new show Huge is getting teens to talk about their feelings and self-images. It's very important to me that the guys and girls that are growing up now get a better handle on these issues than a lot of us did growing up. I can only say that I wish there had been a show like this when I was in high school, because I think I would have found myself a lot sooner and not wasted so much time being so hard on myself.
I also want to address women like me...who were raised in a time when there were not size acceptance groups and the ONLY message being thrown at us was that we were not OK the way we were. We've had years and years of hating our bodies, thinking we were awful people because we weren't size 8 or below, and having people afraid to be our friends or significant others because they felt they they would be ridiculed for loving us the way we are. We've wasted so much time stressing about our bodies that could have been better used helping others and accomplishing our passions and dreams.
I want to tell all of my sisters out there that it is NOT too late...start loving yourself again now, exactly the way you are at this very minute. Enjoy each moment and be present in what you are doing, without obsessing about your size when you should be living what is right in front of you. I enjoy my time with family and friends, and also pursuing other actvities, even more now that I give myself to the moment and fully engage in what is going on around me. No thinking about size or bad hair days, just really letting go and living. Try's quite freeing and you will enjoy life much more!

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