Friday, July 16, 2010

In Memory of Carla...

It's been a week since my friend Carla passed away...but I didn't know about it until Sunday. You see, I hadn't talked to her in a few years. I used to see her all the time when I was an office manager at my old job, but it's been 5 years since I worked there. I saw her a few times at first after I left the office, but then we all got busy with life and other things and it was way too long.
She had lung cancer, and by the time she found out it was too late for the treatments to work. She found out in June and passed away last week. She was only 50 years old and leaves behind a wonderful family, including an adorable little granddaughter. By the time I found out, I wasn't even able to attend her funeral and see her one last time...but I've been thinking about her ever since. I remember the times we were at events together and when she helped us run the bowling tournaments, and it makes me laugh when I think about all of the places we visited together as part of the group that went to the convention every March. Carla had the best sense of humor, and she was one of the kindest people I ever met. We had so much fun togther, and I wish all that time hadn't gone by without seeing her. I especially wish I'd known about her cancer so I could visit her while she was still alive.
Carla's death has only driven this point home further for not waste your time here on earth. None of us know exactly how long we will be here, so we have to make the most of it. Although Carla should have taken better care of herself (she was a heavy smoker), she definitely lived the time she had to the fullest. Don't take time with your family and friends for granted, enjoy every single moment. This also reminds me...I heard Brad Paisley's song "Letter to Me" yesterday, and the line "Go and hug Aunt Rita every chance you can" really hit me. I haven't visited MY Aunt Rita in quite a while, and I need to go see her while it's still possible. Please my friends, don't dwell on the superficial things in out what really matters!

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