Monday, July 5, 2010

HUGE Delves Further...What Are Your Feelings?

In tonight's episode of Huge, we get to know the campers a little better...and the counselors as well. As the teens write home, Amber's letter becomes ten pages long. She says it's just she and her mom at home and they are more like sisters. Then we see Dr. Rand and her dad at their cabin. It finally dawns on me that he is the new chef. I didn't make the connection last week, as I was so engrossed in the other aspects of the show. It seems the doc has a hard time letting her mom know that her dad is there with her. I'm sure we'll find out more about their family situation as time goes on, but Dr. Rand keeps writing e-mails to her mom, and then deleting them without sending. Isn't it amazing how our families can do a number on us, even if they don't mean to?
Will takes one of the others' magazines and destroys it, because she hates the way everyone in that magazine is made to look perfect. She puts up her own drawings of full-figured girls and Botticelli-type women. Referring to Amber's pictures, she tells her that these are her "fatspiration". How do you feel about this? I myself used to put up the kind of pictures that Amber did, but now I find myself pulling out photos of realistic looking women and role models of all sizes. I'm not like Will is at this point where she claims she wants to be fatter...I have already incorporated healthy habits into my lifestyle and lost some weight. For me, it's about trying to be the best me that I can, and not trying to live up to the impossible figures that are shown in most magazines. What is your take on the magazine industry, and the images they present?
I cringe when I hear trainer Shay tell everyone that they run faster when they see an ice cream truck. How degrading and demeaning...and what a stereotype. It's also awful when the campers get packages from home and they are searched for any food. I know I would feel like I was in prison instead of camp! Then we meet new camper Danielle...and her entire family. Dr. Rand tells her that they should leave and give Dani some room to adjust to camp, but they continue to follow her around everywhere. Counselor Poppy is still annoyingly perky, but I love how she pulls the girls aside to get them to welcome Dani and include her in their activities. Amber sees Dani's little sister examining herself in the mirror, just the way Amber does. It gets to her, and to me as well. I admit that I still catch myself doing that every once in a you? It's a hard habit to break, that's for sure.
The nice trainer, George, tells everyone that Shay will be teaching basketball and he will be handling circuit training, and they can choose which one they want to do. Amber is first in line for George, which is to be expected since she has such a crush on him. Most of the kids also go over to George, because they're sick of nasty Shay and also afraid of her. I'd be in line for George too. He trains without putting everyone down...that's a REAL trainer! Of course, Shay comes over to choose people to go with her, since they can't all go with George. She also informs George that Amber's name is not Sandra.
Will and Becca talk as they get ready for basketball. Dr. Rand also comes by to get Will to finally write to her parents. Will doesn't want to. Quite ironic that the doc wants Will to get in touch with her parents, but she can't communicate with her own mother. (hmm...) Basketball does not go well, and Trent freaks out almost as much as Shay, since he's really into sports big time. Later on he writes to his mom that without sports he doesn't know who he is. Dr. Rand also tells Dani's parents again that they need to leave, or else Dani will feel that her family thinks that she can't do this. Dani is actually starting to make friends, but clams up when her parents are around. Dani's story hits really close to home for me. I've mentioned before that I was the only child, and my parents were very overprotective of me. They thought they were doing the right thing, but I wound up being so afraid to try things because of it. Dani's parents are doing it out of love as well, but it's too much. Dr. Rand is not forceful enough with them, and they always talk their way into staying. Perhaps they remind her of her mom?
George catches Amber waiting in line to call home. He feels awful for calling her by the wrong name all of this time and wants to apologize. She loses her place in line, so he secretly gives her his cell phone so she can call her mom. It's obvious that her mom is lonely without her and has some of her own issues going on. When Amber goes to give George back his phone, they talk about her mom a little. George is starting to have feelings for Amber too, but seems afraid to show it. Dr. Rand meets her dad in the kitchen where he is experimenting with recipes for healthy muffins. He wants her to try one, but she tells him that she never, ever eats anything after dinner...not even a bite. She takes the muffin back to her cabin and places it by the computer as she tries to e-mail her mom again. She deletes once again, and when she looks over the muffin plate is empty. She ate it without even realizing it...I'm sure she probably doesn't even remember the taste. I think we've all found ourselves there...mindless eating, not really enjoying our food. I know I have, and I try to be more conscious and really enjoy the moment when I'm eating.
Will says she's sick the next day and skips basketball. She comes out of the bathroom to find Dani's mom making the beds. She looks at Will's drawings and says that Will's parents must be proud that she is so talented and creative. Will tells her that her family is not like that, and I hurt for her. She tries to write home, telling her parents that she likes camp but also that they treat her like she's not good enough for them because she's not thin. She tears up the letter, just like Dr. R deletes her e-mails. Dani's family walks Will down to basketball, and Will makes a basket. Dani's parents cheer her and everyone else on, and it's a good feeling for all of them that don't get the support from their families. Dani's parents are really good people...they just have to find that balance between support and overprotection.
Dani suddenly has a breakdown that night...all of her new friends really thought she was doing well. Her parents take her home because she can't handle camp. Of course, if they had stopped hovering around her she might have had a chance to adjust better. The girls are sad to see another friend go so soon...especially Amber, since she had started to bond with Dani just before that. Dr. Rand finally e-mails her mom, but makes no mention of her dad being there with her. Her dad, the chef, sees Will on the basketball court at night practicing, and he gives her pointers. Will is actually enjoying herself!
I love seeing how the characters' walls are starting to break down, and we get to see what makes everyone tick. I know they help me discover more about myself, and I'm guessing that they do the same for you. We all have to look within ourselves to see what makes US tick. Think for a while...what did you learn about yourself while watching the show? I would love for you to share your thoughts. Please share whatever you are comfortable with, but don't hold those other feelings inside. Write them down in a journal or notebook for yourself, to help you understand yourself better. Let me know how you live HUGE!!!


Miz said...

kindasorta averts eyes :)

I have it all taped and am torn so far (watched one).

that said Im sticking with the show as I LOVED the book...


WriterMarie said...

I know watching it pulls out a lot of feelings that some people are ready to deal with and others are still on the fence about. I haven't read the book yet, but I'm going to pick up the paperback version when it comes out next week! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!