Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Honored To Make The Top 100!!!

I'm excited to share some wonderful news with you. I just found out that my blog made a very special list...NursingSchools.net picked their Top 100 Empowering Posts, and my post "Size Does Not Matter" was chosen to be on the list!
All of the posts deal with losing weight in a healthy way and staying positive about yourself and your life journey, and I am honored to be in such good company. If you would like to view the entire list, please go to http://www.nursingschools.net/blog/2010/07/100-empowering-blog-posts-for-your-weight-loss-battle/ . My post is listed in the 5th spot under the Self Image section. This site is also helpful if you are thinking about becoming a nurse, filled with information about all of the different categories of nursing, classes, and schools across the country. Please check out the blogs on the list as well as all of the nursing resources available to you.
I am very proud to represent a positive, healthy body image in this group. Thank you to NursingSchools.net for this great honor, and here's to good health for all of us!

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