Monday, July 26, 2010

Movie (and Moving) Night on Huge!!!

Tonight's episode of HUGE brought out a lot of emotions for me. Not that it doesn't happen during the other episodes, because it always hits me hard. Movie Night just got to me even more.
Dr. Rand warns the counselors that campers go to the infirmary complaining of a sore throat just so they can get salt, which they then use on their food. To me, it sounds like the camp isn't making the food tasty enough so that they don't miss the salt...and then the kids are treated like criminals for it. She also warns them that they have to watch for couples sneaking off together at Movie Night, because last year a guy and a girl were caught in one sleeping bag together. Sleeping bags are banned this time for that reason. This issue obviously affects teens of all sizes, so it's a great lesson to show.
The girls talk about Hollywood stars in their cabin, and Chloe teases Amber because she still has the hoodie that George let her borrow the day her shorts ripped. Will asks Becca if she's afraid that someone might read her own journal, and Becca tells her she writes in code so nobody can figure it out. Will still doesn't believe that Ian only read the first page of hers, and Becca is feeling guilty that she read the whole thing herself. In the meantime, Ian and Alistair discuss Will and what Ian is going to do. Since everyone is voting on the movie choices, Ian slips a note to Becca to give to Will. When Will reads it, she discovers that Ian wants to write a song with her. When she goes to him, he says that he never wrote anything good before, and he finally did because of her. Now for me, that is an ultimate compliment. I write songs, and I would be honored that something I wrote moved someone that much. Becca doesn't want to get in the middle of Will and Ian, because neither of them know that she read Will's journal. She knows exactly why Will is worried that Ian may have read it all.
Wayne is back to construct the fence, and he and Dr. Rand bond even further. He tells her about Paris, quotes poetry to her, and tells her about a movie that the kids would rather see instead of the lousy choices they were given to choose from. Dr. Rand is just as confused about her feelings for Wayne as the teens are about their relationships. Dr. Rand is even more surprised when she has a conversation with her dad...and he tells her she's beautiful. You can tell that she isn't used to hearing those compliments. I have to admit, that really got to my heart. I'm the same way, and a compliment like that can go a long way in making me feel good. I also know from experience that when I give someone else a compliment like that, it touches them like nothing else can. My advice here: Tell your family, friends, and significant others often how special and beautiful they are. Sometimes we all really need to hear it!
Amber finally gives George back his hoodie, and George goes back to the guys' cabin to give them advice on how to treat girls well, because he's worried that some of them might try the stuff that happened last year. Michael is testing his blood sugar, and knowing that I have to be careful because diabetes runs in my family, I really hurt for him having to deal with it at his age. Ian goes outside to talk to Will when she comes by, and he wants her to help him write a "non-cheesy" love song. She agrees to meet with him later to work on it.
Wayne gives Dr. Rand a copy of the movie that the kids really want to see, "Phantasma". She tells him she wants to be clear where they stand, and Wayne gets mad that she's so defensive. He tells her to see the invoice he left in her office for the fence. Will goes to meet Ian, but as she comes up behind him she can hear what he wrote so far. He's singing about beautiful blue eyes and yellow hair...and Will knows that this song is not about her. It's for Amber. She runs off before Ian even sees her, and I can feel her pain. Even when you become an adult, you never forget that guy you liked...the one you thought liked you back but has fallen for someone else. still hurts thinking about it, even though I've obviously moved on in my life! Everyone knows how this feels.
After Ian says he would like to sit with Amber at the movie, Will also realizes that he didn't read the rest of her journal. He would never have said anything about Amber in front of her if he had, because he's too kind of a person for that. Becca knows how much this hurts Will, but can't help her because that would mean telling Will that she read her journal. Ian has his own feelings hurt as Amber and Michael go off to the movie together, so he goes to the rec center to work on the song. Little does he know that Chloe asked Michael to sit with Amber because she didn't have a "boyfriend"...and that Chloe is expecting Trent to join her at the movie. Trent goes to the rec center to hang out with Ian because he admires his musical talent. He even gives the old drum set a try and jams a little with Ian. As "Phantasma" starts, Chloe is looking around and wondering where Trent is. Michael and Amber sit down next to Sierra, and it's obvious that Michael really likes Sierra. Chloe throws popcorn to get Alistair's attention, and they meet on the side to talk. She admits to him that she was the girl who was caught in the sleeping bag last year, and the guy didn't come back to camp this year. She asks Alistair if she thinks Trent heard about it, and maybe that's why he didn't come to the movie. Alistair says no, but he is so sad for Chloe because she doesn't care that she did that; the guy was popular and they both got something out of it. Alistair goes back to the movie as Chloe cries by herself.
Dr. Rand opens the envelope from Wayne with the invoice, and there is a forget-me-not tucked inside. She leaves the movie, purposely dropping the flower on the ground as she goes. Amber sees Michael take Sierra's hand, so she leaves to take a walk as she's feeling lonely. George is picking up trash around the movie site, comes upon the flower, and picks it up. He goes back to the movie, and he and Poppy talk about all of the angst surrounding them...onscreen and off. Poppy says she thinks she's asexual, because she's never had those kinds of feelings for anyone. Then George notices Amber is missing and goes looking for her. When he finds her, they talk and he can tell she is feeling down, so he gives her the forget-me-not.
Ian walks around outside with his guitar, and Will comes to him saying she got inspired. Actually she wrote down lines from the movie to share with him. They work on it together, and Will really does feel like she's a ghost that Ian looks right through. He tells her he's felt like that so many times, not realizing that this is how Will feels about him. They do agree that romance is a nightmare! Chloe spots Trent after his jam session with Ian, and he seems confused as to why she's there. He thought that their kiss was a one time thing, and didn't realize that she wanted it to be more. She tells him that she wants it to be whatever HE wants it to be. Always the wrong way to go...don't cater to a guy that obviously cares nothing about your feelings just so you can have a boyfriend. Chloe is so desperate for love and acceptance that she'll do whatever everyone else wants...and in doing that she will never make herself happy. Both people in a relationship have to be happy, it's not all one or the other.
As we end the night at the girls' cabin, Chloe is wearing Trent's bracelet, Amber is secretly admiring the flower George gave her, and Sierra is crying because she made out with Michael. She feels like she cheated on her high school boyfriend that took her to prom. What I really love is that all teens face these matter when you were a teen or what size you were, everybody goes through these things. I feel that this show really helps kids figure out things going on in their own lives and makes them more willing to talk about it. Please share your thoughts here, or on my Facebook and Twitter. I would love to know what you've learned so far from Huge!


Kathi said...

When and where is "Huge"? I have never heard of this show and am very interested in it. I live in Canada so it may be an American thing...
It sounds fascinating.

WriterMarie said...

I'm not sure if you can see it in Canada...but it's on ABC Family Channel here at 9 PM Eastern time. If you go to, They have the previous weeks' episodes online to watch. Hope you get a chance to see it! :o)

Anonymous said...

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