Monday, September 21, 2009

Motivational Monday..Whoo-hoo!!!

Since last week I only lost a single pound, I was really, really hoping and praying for a much better result this week. I stepped up my exercise, stayed consistent with my water intake, and really watched my food choices. I spent a lot of time gazing at my motivation board, and reading whatever I could to keep me inspired.

As I stepped on my good (?) friend the scale, I was still praying for a great number. We all know how there are weeks that you do everything right, but it doesn't show on the scale. Well...I'm extremely happy to report that I lost 2.6 pounds this week! This brings me oh so close to 200...200.4 to be exact. I'm so close to the 100's that I can smell it. I'm sure I'll be doing a little Samba the day I get there!

My motivational person for this week is Ali Vincent, the first female Biggest Loser. As we watch the new season, let us also think about how much Ali has inpired us and continues to do so. You can keep up with this incredible woman at . If we believe in ourselves, we can all do it!

Let's all make this week even better than the one before...and blast that fat!!!


Melissa Cunningham said...

whoo-hoo!!!!!!!! great job on the weight loss! keep it up!!

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

You're almost there! ONEderland here you come!

Fran said...

Yahooooooooooo great result Marie! Congratulations!

Discovery Woman said...

Dear Marie,
It's been inspiring and uplifting to read the entries of your blog.
Thank you for sharing your personal journey with all of us who visits your blog.
I'm following you now on the blog and the twitter (@DiscoverSelf)
I write about weight loss motivation myself:
Thank you for your story.

Mary Lou said...

Congratulations Marie! Doesn't it feel great when your efforts start to pay off? Keep up the great work and keep inspiring others (including myself) to do the same! I have a strong feeling this season of the Biggest Loser is going to be the best one yet! I just posted a new blog myself...check it out!

Mary Lou

Amy said...

Marie, that is fantastic that you are almost into the ONE's! I know what those threshhold numbers mean and the power they hold in our minds and motivation. I'm going to be rooting for you next week for you to get there!

I loved your post about your son's birthday, I too gained much of my weight during my three pregnancies and it is a struggle to take it off, also when you have the additional pressures of being a mom.

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