Monday, September 28, 2009

Motivational Monday!

This week was an awesome week for me in so many ways. The only thing that wasn't so great was that I saw a 1 pound gain this morning on the scale.
There are some positive things about my weigh-in, however...considering that I had so much going on this week and missed my workouts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Besides only getting to exercise for the first half of the week, I had several events where I indulged a little bit. Beer and wings at my husband's high school reunion, pizza at my son's birthday party...then I topped that off with birthday cake. One pound is really not bad with all of that going on! In the past I would have really pigged out and had at least a 3 0r 4 pound gain. I am not sorry at all that I celebrated at these events, now I just have to get back on track. I really wish I had still been able to fit the exercise in, but I am fully back to business this week.
I choose to focus on the positives of this week. Everyone loved the cupcakes I made for school for my son's birthday. It's been a great week for my colleagues and I at Ballroom Dance Channel, and I'm looking forward to some great possibilities. I got to attend the Cleveland DanceSport Challenge on Saturday, which was the first time I got to attend a dance event live. I am so inspired by these dancers of all ages who competed in the Challenge. At the reunion that night, my husband and I reconnected with some of his classmates and I met wonderful new people. I spent time there with good friends I already know well, and I enjoyed talking to the people I didn't know, making new friendships and even learning more about health and wellness. My good friend Kris (who went to school with my husband) and I have come up with a term for this: we are "Classmates-In-Law"! It's amazing how we've connected with each other and with classmates of our spouses and their spouses. I am very blessed to get to know them!
Yesterday was my son's birthday party...starting at the roller skating rink with his friends, and ending with a party at our house for family. I didn't skate, but I will soon! The kids had a blast, and the DJ played a lot of great dance music; I immediately started choreographing Sambas and Cha Chas in my head! I loved having the family together at our house afterward, and playing with my adorable niece and nephew. Thank you so much to my brother Brad and my brother-in-law Jim, who helped us set up some new computer equipment. I'm pretty good with some of the tech stuff, but this was way beyond my knowledge and they are a Godsend.
Now...on to my motivational person(s) of the week. I have chosen Phil and Amy Parham from The Biggest Loser. They live inspirational lives, not only in the health and fitness department, but in the way they live their faith as well. You can find out more about them at They are really wonderful and amazing people!
This week is going to be a great and otherwise. Here's to a healthy and inspiring week!!!

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Melissa Cunningham said...

loving all the positive vibes in this post!
heres to an awesome week!!!