Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Biggest Loser Season 8 Premiere - WOW!

I didn't sleep that well last night, still pumped about the Season 8 Premiere of The Biggest Loser. I kept thinking about everything that happened during the show...there was so much packed into those 2 hours that I had a lot to think about.
One of my first thoughts is that this is already the most intense season to date, even after seeing only one episode so far. Jillian pushes harder than ever, and even Bob is more worked up in the gym. I know some people think Jillian is too mean, but remember that you only see the show in its edited format. What I see in her is a passion for helping people get past the "I can't" mentality...something I've been learning to do myself. She doesn't give up on people, and doesn't want them to give up on themselves. With the two trainers working together this season, I must admit I got a kick out of watching a contestant get intense with Jillian, then switching over and getting a beating from Bob too! I constantly learn so much from both of them, and it helps me on my journey.
The other part that got me was the stories of the contestants. They all have been through so much in their lives, from being raised by a mother addicted to heroin, all the way to losing a husband and children to a car crash. If people who have been through this much can commit to improving the quality of their lives...well, then I certainly can! We all have our own issues to deal with, but they are inspiring me on my journey as I support them on theirs. That's what life is all about.
Last night we even had a woman who would not give up on the first much so that she wound up being airlifted to the hospital, and as of the show's close she was still there. I admire her for not giving up...and pray that she is OK. It also reminds me that I need to keep moving ahead on my journey, so I never get to the point where I can't complete even a short amount of exercise. I need to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, and keep gaining control of my health and life right along with these wonderful people who are changing their lives before our very eyes.
I pray that God leads all of us to be stronger, healthier people...and that we can pay it forward by inspiring and motivating others. I can't wait to see what the rest of this season has in store!


Amazon Runner said...

At long last, the BL started a new season! I was GLUED to my TV and cried through most of the whole thing.

Yes, like a drill sargent, a personal trainer can seem "mean" but they actually "see" the man or the woman that you will become on the other side of what you must do, if only you will do it.

If our son or daughter HAD to go to war, we wouldn't want them in a boot camp with someone that would let them skip runs or exercises. We'd WANT them to have someone tough as that is what might determine whether or not they make it back home alive.

We have to be a Bob or a Jillian for ourselves, to "see" what we can be if we do the things that are hard, and do them every day!

Losingmythighs said...

I know that Jillian is a hard-ass but honestly the people that train with her end up looking amazing- plus sometimes you need to be pushed that hard to see what you can accomplish! What a great show- I love it.

Sandra said...

I have to admit that last night was the first time I have ever watched a season premier of BL. And it just absolutely blew me away. I had to keep getting up to get a kleenex as I couldn't stop crying. I was just amazed and saddened by most of the life stories.

I did think during the gym scene that if Jillian ever yelled at me like she was doing to those folks, I'd likely just drop kick her (not that I really would you know... it's just an expression) ... but she'd just slap my butt back and tell me to get over it. I don't deal well with anger of any kind so I really thought she was harsh. But how you analyzed it in your blog made me see it in a bit different light.

Thanks for your overview as it really is how I felt about the show as well.

WriterMarie said...

I totally agree with all of you...we need someone who will push us to be our best and not give up on ourselves. She helps you find the fight in you that you didn't know you had!

Mary Lou said...

What an awesome post Marie! You summed it up perfectly! Yes, I was also surprised by Bob and Jillian's intensity during the premiere. There are many times during my workouts that I want to give up and I actually wish I had a Jillian screaming in my face to keep me going! In fact, sometimes I actually imagine her doing that and just the thought of that keeps me going! I think we ALL need to find our "inner Jillian" to really dig deep and find the strength and the power we all have to push ourselves to the max!

What a great show!

Mary Lou

WriterMarie said...

Hee Hee...I actually have a recurring dream that Jillian is standing next to me while I'm on the treadmill and yelling at me to push harder!!! It pops up while I'm sleeping about once a month or so!