Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OFB: Setting New Goals!!!

This week our Operation Fat Blaster Mission is to create a new set of goals, and also grade ourselves on how we've done so far...a progress report of sorts. Now, I always enjoyed progress reports when I was in school, because I was not a troublemaker and my parents always received good notes from my teachers. Let's see how I did for my fitness progress report!
My original goal was to get under 200 pounds by Labor Day. Since that was yesterday and I am at 204, I didn't quite reach my goal. I have, however, lost over 9 pounds...most of which was since I announced that goal. I've also lost inches and feel healthier and stronger. I've learned how to get right back on track after a slip-up and stay motivated. I've been challenged and met those challenges head on. I'd say all in all I did pretty well, so I will give myself a B.
Now for the new goals: My son's birthday is in 16 days, on September 24th. I will be at 198 or lower by his birthday. I will workout one hour every day and continue my healthy eating habits. I am also back to drinking more water...I've done well with that, but this past weekend not so much, so I'm back to it again. I will change up my workouts so I don't get bored, and try out the Pilates DVD that I have to work my core better.
In watching last night's Dance Your A** Off Reunion Special, I was completely motivated and inspired by what the contestants have done since they went home from the show. This also helped me form my new goals, and the show aired at the perfect time...right as one deadline came for me, and I was ready to set the next one. It goes to show what you can accomplish with hard work and determination, and it's time to incorporate even more of that mindset into my life.
I am going to make sure I can give myself an A come September 24th. Once that goal is reached, I will set a new goal. I will never settle...always reach to be better!!!

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Betsy said...

Good for you! I think you did a fine job. :)