Monday, September 14, 2009

Motivational Monday!!!

Well, I knew I'd had a couple of rough spots this week, since I missed a couple of workouts due to a sinus headache and allergies. I also had cake at my niece's birthday party. I did well otherwise, so I was curious as to what I would see on the scale this morning.

I am now at 203...I lost 1 pound. Normally I'd be a little more bummed about this, but knowing that I didn't get all of my exercise in and I had that cake I'm pretty happy with my results for the week. All I know is I will keep moving in the right direction and push harder now. I'm drinking water as I write this, and planning out my strategy for the week ahead.

I do have some other great news to report: I took my measurements again today, and my waist is 40 1/2"; my hips are 47 3/4". This means I have lost 2 1/2" from my waist since I started, and 2" from my hips. It helps to see that progress...and I'm looking forward to seeing my waist get under 40" very soon!

It was hard for me to pick one motivational person of the week for you after seeing the Dance Your A** Off Reunion, so I'm picking all 12 of the contestants! Go to to see everyone's transformations. I'm sure I will feature them individually at some point, but I've learned so much from the whole group that I wanted to give you all of their inspiration.

Now let's all go out there and dance, walk, run...just exercise our a**es off like them, and we all win!!!


Fran said...

As we're friends on Daily Mile and participate in OFB I thought it was time I visited your blog and I like it. I've added you to my google reader so you will be seeing me more in the future.


Dawn said...

You did a great job this week. I don't count on the scale as my only option to tell changes. I take pictures, measure and use the scale.

WriterMarie said...

Thank you Fran and Dawn! I'm looking forward to seeing how well all of us do! xoxoxo

Lil Miss D said...

losing inches are the BEST!!! I love losing them more than I love losing pounds :) Way to go!!!