Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who Is It For You?

We all have at them...some of us have several. I've had some since childhood, and I'm sure many of you have too. I know I've picked up some more along the way, through my teen years all the way until now, and I gain more of them every single day of my life. In my mind, you can never have too many of them.

No, I'm not talking about shoes...although that's a pretty nice dream! My thoughts today are about something that does not come in pairs; each one is unique. These are in fact not inanimate objects...they are people! I'm reflecting on the role models in life who inspire and motivate you to be better in life in some way. Most of us grow up admiring someone, whether they be famous or people we actually know. I must say that God is obviously at the top of my list, and always will be. I also believe He wants us all to be inspirations for each other on this planet, so today I'm focusing us the earthly heroes who make us want to improve ourselves and the quality of our lives.

My role models all inspire me in different ways. I started out at 5 years old not only crushing on David Cassidy, but looking up to him. Because of him, I learned the joy and power of music, and discovered that I loved to write songs. He still inspires me now, because of all of the things he has been through in his life and what a wonderful human being he has become through all of the madness he's experienced. Other singers and musicians have motivated me as well...notably Barbara Mandrell and the members of Alabama, for their songwriting, love of music and words, and their deep faith in God. There are so many who inspire me through music even now...especially Keith Urban, who also fights through his addictions and helps us all with ours because of it.

I have athletes that I admire as well, like Greg Louganis, for his hard work and perseverance no matter what life throws at him. Former Cleveland Indian Jim Thome motivates me with the person he is on and off the field. (I still admire him even though he plays for the White Sox now!) I am so inspired by Brian Boitano, who not only works his butt off every day of his life, but shows the world how he lives out his faith and is a wonderful person to everyone he comes in contact "star trips" here! He is the real deal, and represents the way all celebrities (and non-celebrities) should treat people.

In weight loss and life, I am learning so much from the Biggest Loser trainers and contestants...and now also everyone involved with the show Dance Your A** Off. They show me how to take control of my health, and to not let life pass me by while I'm getting there. So many of the professionals on Dancing With the Stars are inspiring, as many of them have gone through more than you could ever imagine to get where they are today. Just check out Maksim Chmerkovskiy...and see how many injuries and other barriers he has overcome since he was a kid. All of the dancers on DWTS, SYTYCD, and DYAO make me want to dance and improve my life in other ways too.

Finally, I want to mention that so many of my friends and members of my family inspire and motivate me on a daily basis. I would not be where I am without any of you, and I am so thankful for anyone who is or has been in my life, whether I know you "in person" or not. I hope to continue this and inspire as many people as I can. God wants us to learn from others, then show what we've learned to those who need it, so the cycle of inspiration continues.

So now I'm curious, so please share with me...who inspires and motivates you?


Mesha said...

Very good post - I'll post about inspirers later. keep encouraging others - you are that "who" for others. :)

WriterMarie said...

Thank you Mesha...I truly believe that's how we pay forward what we've learned from those who inspire us. xoxoxo

questformeaning-lorishope said...

people like you inspire and motivate me and of course Christ is at the top of my list. Sharing our personal stories is important because we are all in this big thing called life together and we need to love encourage and lift each other up. Thank you : )

WriterMarie said... are also an inspiration to me. No one can beat your attitude about life! You help me be a better person everyday. :o)

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