Monday, July 6, 2009

Don't Wait!!!

Today I want to discuss something I have struggled with in the past, and still do from time to time. I'm sure many of you deal with this issue as well, and I think it really needs to be addressed. This matter requires our attention.

The issue I am speaking of is body image. We need to love ourselves as we are right now in order to move forward with anything else we want to accomplish in life. I know there are those who don't understand how that can help you motivate yourself to lose weight. After all, if you love yourself as you are, what reason do you have to change your life?

It sounds like a paradox, I know. I've discovered that it actually gets me in a better frame of mind to want to treat my body better. If I love myself and realize that God created me the way I am for a reason, I also start thinking about how eating junk does not honor God's creation. Would you disrespect any of His other creatures? No...but we all are guilty at some point of disrespecting our own bodies by eating unhealthy foods and not getting regular exercise. God has a plan for each of us, and we will be better able to do His will if we are doing all we can to be healthy.

We are all works in progress, and that is just the way He planned it. God loves us no matter where we are in life or what size we wear. I took a plus-size modeling class a few years ago, and it made a positive impact on my life. It made me see that the more I showed myself the love, the more other people were drawn to me. It did not matter if I was made up to do a photo shoot or if I was at the grocery store in sweats with no makeup. The way I carried myself made the difference. Confidence is the world's best cosmetic!

I also want to mention something very important in all of this: do NOT wait to do the things you want to do until you get to what you think is "the perfect weight". I know I've wasted a lot of time thinking that way when I could have been enjoying life and getting things done. No matter your size, if you want to dance, play tennis, sing, join a book club, or do anything you may be passionate it, and DO IT NOW! Life is meant to be lived every single day, never take that for granted.

So please come to terms with where you are now and you will discover that you are beautiful just as you are. At the same time pick up on healthy habits so you can honor yourself and respect God's creativity in you. He can accomplish so much more in us and with us if we take care of ourselves so we have the energy to do what He has planned for us on earth!


Mesha said...

Amen! Amen! & Amen! oh my, thank you, thank you, thank you! Seriously, I preach this yet it's so much harder to receive it. I was having an in depth conversation about this very thing with my friend last night actually and when she flipped the script I had trouble biting my tongue and receiving it. The wierd thing is a had great self image/self worth when I was not trying to lose weight and semi-content with myself than I've been having as I'm travelling the journey. I've brought it from my sub conscience forward and it's hard to swallow the image of "me" sometimes. I do know God's got a greater purpose and sees me in a different light though and I need to live that way each day. Thank you again and keep up the good work! God Bless!

WriterMarie said...

I'm so glad this resonates with you Mesha! I know how much I've gone through with body image, and I know you and I are not alone in this. God bless you too!

Mary Lou said...

Marie, I'm so taken aback right now! I've been playing "catch-up" with my blog and Facebook and wrote an entry tonight that is very similar to what you have said in this entry!! I finally came to the realization that being thin is not the "end all, be all"!!! You have to love yourself first and foremost no matter what your weight and then work on improving it! You are wise beyond your years, my friend!

WriterMarie said...

Thanks Mary Lou! I thought that was funny when I read yours too. Great minds think alike!!!