Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day in the Sun...and Exercise!

Yesterday it was finally such a beautiful summer day here in Ohio, and the natives were getting restless. By this I mean my 10 year old son...and me! We were starting to get cabin fever from so many rainy days in the last couple of weeks. We both agreed that a day at the beach was in order here!

We ate a healthy lunch at home before we drove to Huntington Beach, walked down those steps and spread out our towels. (For those who don't know...the steps at our beach are a killer workout!) We put on our sunscreen and got to having fun...playing football and frisbee in Lake Erie and running in the sand. My son swam while I went in up to my knees, walking around in the water and toning my legs. We were both exhausted after a few hours, but in such a good way!

There is an ice cream stand at the beach, and we got a small cup of mint chocolate chip and shared it. That was the extent of my sugar for the day. We went home and showered off all of the sand and sunscreen, then made a healthy version of pizza for dinner.

I did watch More to Love on Fox last night, because I was curious to see how they would portray the plus size women and the man they are all vying for. I knew with Emme as host, it wouldn't be too awful, because she would not involve herself in this type of project if it was going to ridicule people. I really did like the is similar to The Bachelor so there will be the usual catfighting and antics, just like the size 2 girls pull on each other on the other shows. I liked the way mostly everything was handled. The only thing I didn't like was having each girl's height and weight posted on the screen. If the premise is that size doesn't matter, then why do the numbers have to be up there?

Anyway, we had such a well-needed break yesterday...and proved that you can have a day out and still get plenty of exercise and plan so you don't overdo it on the food either. Here's to healthy good times!

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Mesha said...

sounds like a fun day @ the beach. I am SOOO behind on SYTYCD. *sigh* i have them all on DVR though.

Personally, I'm not a fan at all of More to Love - I'm planning on writing a blog soon. Not my favorite though needless to say.