Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Motivational Monday!!!

Today is the first weigh-in since I joined Operation Fat Blaster. I was still a little nervous getting on the scale, even though I know I've made major improvements over the week. I was hoping for some huge, monumental loss for my first week with my OFB troop. When I looked down into that tiny little window, I did see a loss. I now weight 210.6, which means I lost 1.4 pounds this week. Not the giant change I'd been hoping for, but still a move in the right direction...and .4 more than I lost last week!

I know there are still many things I need to do, like step up my exercise even harder. I worked out much more than I used to, but I can still up my game, and I know it. I have several DVD's to go through, some of which I bought and then never opened. It was as if my motivation left me the minute I got the disc home from the store. It just goes to could actually live at a gym, but if you don't get your mind in the game it doesn't mean a thing. At least I know I will have a wide variety of DVD's to work out with, so I won't be bored!

Every Monday I'm also going to put up a link to a motivational person, to help us on our journey. Today I'm starting with Mandisa, who was on American Idol Season 5. Not only does she inspire with her brand of Gospel/Contemporary Christian music...have you seen her lately? Ms. Mandisa has lost over 60 pounds! Check her out at and see what she's been up to...and be motivated!

This week will be even better than the last one...let's blast that fat!!!


Melissa Cunningham said...

ok chica,time to be like Nike and JUST DO IT! lol!
keep your head up and try to kick it up a notch this week to see what you can do!!! just keep in my mind that the scale is just a number,try tracking your measurements as well so that way if the scale makes you mad,you always have the measuring tape to tie around it and hurdle it out the window....:)


WriterMarie said...

Thanks Melissa! LOL I used to do measurements a long time ago, and I forgot about it now...thanks for reminding me! :o) Kickin' it up! xoxoxo

Marcelle said...

I say * a loss is a loss * so its all good....I have upped my cardio and noticed the difference, the weight fell off...once at goal I will up my toning...