Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 - You Can Go Home Again, You Just Can't Eat Bakery

This week wound up being more positive by default.

It's always uplifting when the contestants get to go home. They arrive to the oohs and ahhs of their families and friends, who are amazed by the transformation that has happened so far in just a few short weeks. They have breakthroughs with their loved ones about how they need to deal with each other. They stare their old lives in the face and do what they need to do.

And for this season's contestants - being home means being away from each other, which is a huge plus considering all of the drama. They can't whine and complain about each other when they're at home!

I love that this homecoming dealt with baked goods in several forms. Like Emily, my weakness is my sweet tooth. If money and health were no object, I would want one of each item from her bakery case. And like Cassandra, baking is a family thing for me. It's something I always did with my mom and I still love to bake. The key for me now is to adjust recipes to fit my healthier lifestyle, and only make the decadent ones for holidays and special occasions. Of course, the other important thing to remember is that these sweets are to be eaten sparingly. Whether you indulge in the regular recipe or make your own fitter version, you still have to watch the carbs and calories.

Emily also had a breakthrough with her dad, who always coached her in weightlifting. She had to let him know that she has different dreams now, and he promised to support her no matter what. He also admitted to being too hard on her at times, and only wants her to be happy. You really could see the relief come over her once they had their talk.

For Megan, getting fit meant finally being able to mount her horse without a ladder or help from her dad. This is especially inspiring for me, since I've only been able to ride once and want to do so again this summer. I remember needing a ladder to get up, along with assistance from a girl who works at the stable. I look forward to the day I'm riding again as well. There's something to be said for - literally - getting back up on that horse, and I intend to live it to the fullest.

Seeing everyone back in their "natural" environments made me like them all a little more. This was a good thing, and much needed in a season that was starting to make me sick to my stomach every week. Usually I like all or most of the contestants, but this time I had few to root for after witnessing the nasty behavior. (Of course, the ones I highlighted above have been my favorites!) And once they got back to the ranch, it was fun to watch Bob and Dolvett put them through the hardest last chance workout ever. Those evil trainer smiles say it all!

Here's another positive: almost everyone lost the 5 percent of their body weight at home that was necessary for immunity. That's a lot to lose in 18 days. And the emotional exchange at the weigh-in between Chism and Mark is what we need more of this season - people doing what's right no matter what the cost.

Please tell me this is the turning point of the season...and that from now on we'll have more episodes like this one. This is the Biggest Loser I know and love!

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