Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 Challenge - Super Bowl Recovery

Yes, I indulged a little on Super Bowl Sunday.

Not a lot - I mostly ate healthy but did allow myself a couple of beers during the game. I took a really long walk earlier in the day to help combat the treats. And I kept to my workout schedule otherwise, spinning, step, Pilates, etc.

So I got on the scale this morning wondering what I would see. Would Sunday's indulgences show up? Or did I do enough to continue my success?

I saw the number move in the direction I wanted...it was only a .6 pound loss, but a loss nonetheless. Even though I drank a lot of water, my body is probably still trying to get rid of the beer. And since my monthly gift has arrived, I'm sure that threw a wrench into my numbers as well.

So whatever the reasons, I do know that I can improve on my eating habits this week. And since my gift arrived complete with severe cramps, I'm working my way through the pain because I do not want to go backwards on this journey. What counts is that I keep going as much as I possibly can so that next week I see a much better number.

Even with the little setbacks, I'm making great progress. So it's off to spin again tonight before Biggest Loser. I know I don't complain even close to the amount some of this season's contestants do. NO EXCUSES!!!

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