Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 - A Little Inspiration, Sandwiched Between a Whole Lot of Ugly

I think I know the real reason some of the contestants wanted to be sent home so early on.

It's not just about missing their families or feeling they learned enough to go home. I think they got so sick of the complaining, whining, eye-rolling, and backstabbing they saw that they wanted out before any of that negativity rubbed off on them.

This episode thankfully had some great moments in the middle of the show. Unfortunately, it also started off with arguing and ended with even more drama. It's getting to the point where I actually think I might need a drink or a sedative (or maybe both) to get through each week's episode. (No, I wouldn't actually go there...but it sure feels necessary this season.)

We began with all of the arguing that ensued after Nancy was sent home. It's not just Conda and Kim acting like children. Even Mark, who is supposed to be a youth pastor, got ugly with Adrian. Later during the show Dolvett tried to help Adrian in dealing with his "teammates", but unfortunately he was never given a chance in the first place. What happened, in Adrian's defense, was that he was attacked immediately upon his return to the ranch...and he wound up saying a lot of things in the attempt to defend himself. Let's face it - most of us can ignore a stray remark here or there, but when we are continuously being attacked for no reason we tend to get defensive to protect ourselves. And sometimes when we try to defend ourselves, the words don't come out right because we don't have time to think when we're under attack. It doesn't condone the words, but it does explain them. So I completely understand where Adrian was coming from, even if it came out a little rough.

Let's get to the good parts of the show, before I get too depressed. (Besides, there's still the ending to think about.) Bob had a long talk with Megan, who as a horse trainer really wants to lose the weight so she can perform her job better. She has a passion for horses - but not enough love for herself yet. I cried for her as I heard her describe herself to Bob as fat and ugly. I know he got through to her that she is a beautiful, wonderful person who just has issues to work through. (I have my own horse story to tell...but I will save it for another post.) I can see the spark of confidence in her this week, and I can't wait to see where she goes from here.

Bob also took the Black Team on a long hike, which was more than just a hike. He had them performing a lot of other activities as well, and got Daphne to open up to him about her life as a single mom. He also got her to share her story with her teammates, who definitely act more like teammates than the other team. They were able to understand where she was coming from, and I only wish Adrian had been given that chance as well. Hopefully Daphne gets to stick around on the ranch for a long time.

At the end of the hike, Bob took them to a restaurant. Rachel the nutritionist was there waiting for them, and walked them through the menu to help them make wise choices. It was amazing to discover just how many calories were in the orders that each of them would have placed before their days on Biggest Loser. She also gave them plenty of tips for ordering in the future. I alreayd knew about the dressing on the side rule, but I did learn some new things that I will use from now on.

Since the Red Team lost the challenge where Dolvett got dunked, they had to do without him for most of the week. It was nice to see Kim step up and be the leader while he was gone, especially after the negativity we'd seen from her lately. (Too bad that better attitude didn't last long.) It still didn't stop Conda from complaining all the time though. Unbeknownst to the team, Dolvett was still able to watch everything they did, and he made a list of all of the stuff Conda complained about. I really couldn't believe that Conda didn't even care about the list. She acted like since everyone knows she complains, so what? Nice attitude!

The weigh-in seemed to be very close...until the last two Black team members stepped on the scale. Both of the guys lost double digits, so Red had to go to elimination again. Of course, you just knew it would get ugly again...

Conda couldn't be eliminated, since somehow she wound up with the highest percentage on her team. (And she was WAY too smug about it after all of the crap she's dealt out.) Adrian said Roy was the only member of his team to welcome him at all, and it showed when Roy and Adrian voted for Mark while everyone else voted for Adrian. I know it seemed like a cheap shot when Adrian called out the youth pastor for his attitude, but I do understand. There have been a lot of pastors and such that have been on the show...and this is the first time I've actually seen one get so nasty with someone and not even give him a chance. It was really sad to watch. The majority of the Red Team never even gave Adrian a chance, backing him into a corner that was nearly impossible to fight his way out of. The great part was seeing Adrian at home, 100 pounds lighter playing with his adorable daughter and awaiting the birth of another child. I wish Adrian and his wife a healthy new baby!

Next week we'll have the fallout from Adrian being sent home, as Daphne gives it to Conda. She has every right to tell Conda off. I just wish it hadn't come to this point...actually not just for the Aqua Team but for the season in general. I love to focus on the positive, and this season is making that very difficult. Thankfully this week I had a few moments of positivity so I wouldn't have to have that drink.

And NBC better find a way to turn this season around. With this much nastiness, nobody will want to try out for future seasons. People have enough stress...why would they want to add to it by signing up for this kind of drama?

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