Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Biggest Loser 12: There's No Team In "I", Or So We Thought

There's no "I" in team.

There's also no Team in "I", or at least that's what we think when Biggest Loser goes to singles and the yellow line looms in the minds of the players.

They certainly started out thinking that way. Once Alison made the announcement that each player would be on their own and there was going to be a week long penthatalon, everyone started strategizing. It is partially a game, after all. The first event had the contestants ranking each other according to who they most thought would win this season, and everyone had their own system for coming up with a list. They ranged from putting the "least threatening" players first to ranking them alphabetically. (Really, Sunny? Couldn't you put a little more effort into it?) The kicker was - the results of this event would not be revealed until the weigh-in.

As the contestants moved through each event, they received points according to where they finished and stood on a championship-style podium...except this podium had 7 steps. I bet there are a few athletes that wished they had that at the Olympics. What type of medal would you give for 7th place? Paper? Aluminum foil???

On the day of the final event, the players got to meet Apolo Ohno, the most decorated American athlete in the history of the Winter Olympics. He brought them lunch (Subway of course) and talked to them about how they inspire him and his weight problem as a kid. Looking at him now, it's still hard to fathom that his childhood nickname was Chunky. (And of course we're all looking at him now, because...well, just LOOK at him!) That just makes his victories in life that much sweeter and inspires everyone to overcome the labels that were placed on them at various times in their lives. You are more than a cruel or stupid nickname...don't let yourself be defined by it.

Apolo led the last event, a one mile run similar to what the contestants did on their very first day. (Thankfully they didn't all have to run together carrying a pole this time.) Apolo ran with them, accompanying each of them on the last leg to the finish line. Bonnie was the last to finish, and after Apolo ran out to join her so did everyone else. It was really nice to see players put aside "the game" to genuinely care about somebody else. Maybe all they needed was a glimpse into the heart of a champion to have it rub off on them. Apolo has always been incredibly gracious in both victory and defeat, and I'm happy to see this season's contestants get it and finally apply it to their own experience.

When it came time for the weigh-in, the results were revealed for the first event and the total of all five. You know Sunny was regretting her alphabetical plan when Antone won and received immunity. Boonie was last and received a one pound disadvantage. She wound up below the yellow line with Becky.

In true Olympic spirit, Bonnie sacrificed herself for Becky, her former teammate on Anna's Blue team. Not only did she want her friend to keep going, but she really wants to see a teacher take it all the way. (Both Becky and Sunny are math teachers.) Her unselfish act caused plenty of tears on the ranch and here at my house. These are the moments that really matter - not whether you beat someone at a challenge, but how you treat them. Winning is still something to strive long as you treat people well along the way.

Next week the players and trainers have Thanksgiving dinner together at the ranch. Even though you know they will consume healthy versions of our holiday favorites, I'd love to see Apolo back to lead a Turkey Trot. Hey, I'm all for some Apolo every week!


Gina said...

I could stand to see Apolo every week too!! What a Hottie- I LOVE HIM!!

WriterMarie said...

I second that Gina! ;o)