Monday, January 17, 2011

Perseverance and Prayer Pay Off!!!

Remember what I said last week about not folding like a cheap lawn chair in 2011? Well, I kept my promise and took my own advice. My dad had to have surgery on Friday morning because a small growth appeared on his bladder and it needed to be removed and tested. Even though I was scared and nervous for him, I kept to my healthy plans and prayed constantly. I refused to collapse in a heap, because that's not what God made me for. He made me to overcome challenges and learn from them.
The surgery went very well...the growth was extremely small and just on the surface, so the doctor didn't have to dig any further; he got it all out. My dad didn't even need a catheter after the procedure, because it was so easy for the doctor to get out and didn't interfere with bathroom issues. My dad was in the recovery room in half an hour. We are still waiting on the lab results, but the doctor said even if it is something bad they got it so early that he may not need anything further, other than being checked regularly to make sure everything is still OK. I praise God that my dad saw blood in his urine...the doctor said that most people don't have any symptoms until the problem is much bigger. That blood, while scary, most likely saved my dad's life. Now it's a waiting game, but I trust God for it all to work out. I also want to thank all of my wonderful friends for all of the prayers and good thoughts. You are all such a blessing to me and I am forever grateful to have you in my life.
Since today is Monday, it was time for the scale once again. Prayer and resolve paid off once again, as I now weigh 215.0, losing one pound for the week. This is the kind of situation where I normally would have gained weight from sitting and worrying, but since I gave my worries to God and used His strength to stay on track I saw good results. A one pound loss is quite a victory this week...and I plan on many more victories to come!

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