Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gratitude Is Everything!

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Attitude is everything". I want to add my own...GRATITUDE is everything.
Gratitude is truly a part of our attitudes, and can help us live better lives. Appreciating what we have makes us happier, and the happier we are the more we will find to be grateful for. It's one of those Catch-22's, but in a good way. This is once cycle that is NOT vicious...and one I actually want to stay in!
My dad got his test results back yesterday. They showed that the growth was cancer, but just superficial. It was non-invasive and they got it all, so he doesn't need any other treatments other than to be checked again in 3 months and regularly after that. Dad told me that he prayed a lot, thanking God for giving him a warning symptom so early on that it was caught before it got any worse. He considers this a wake-up call from Him to take better care of himself. I am also grateful to God for the results. While it would have been nice to hear that it wasn't cancer, for it being cancer this was the best possible scenario and makes me appreciate my dad even more. God works in mysterious ways and for that I praise Him.
I'm also learning ways to relieve stress by being grateful. Sometimes my internet provider runs really slow, and I used to just stew in front of the computer waiting for it to do what it was supposed to. This only stressed me out more. Now I get up and walk away from the computer when this happens...I run up and down the stairs a few times or do some other exercises. I say a prayer of thanks to God for giving me the chance (and reminder) to get up and move instead of just sitting there and letting my muscles get stiff. When I'm having a rough day, more often than not I stop and think about any good things that happened that day to calm myself down. I'm human and still have my moments, but I'm getting so much better at remembering to be thankful for what I have.
I hope you will join me in developing an Attitude of Gratitude. It glorifies God and makes us happier as well. What a wonderful gift to use in this world! Even on the worst of days, there is always something to be grateful give thanks!

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