Monday, January 24, 2011

Guess What I Found...And Guess What I Lost?

I KNEW I had ordered this before! I've been talking to a couple of friends about Yoga Booty Ballet, and was thinking about purchasing it from them. I put it off until after the holidays, because money is tight...and I could have sworn that I already had it somewhere in my house.
And I do! I decided to brave the "storage" room in the basement...the one where all of the holiday decorations are kept and sometimes things get put when we need to clean up quickly. As it turns out, Yoga Booty Ballet is one of those things that I put in this safe place. It was so "safe" that it was protected from me as well. I went through some boxes and there it was. Now I can start using it, and I'm motivated to clean out the storage room. Who knows what else I've kept "safe" in there!
And as for what I lost: Today was scale day, and I now weigh 213.6. I lost 1.4 pounds this week by turning to God and exercising to relieve stress instead of reaching for the sugar. My body feels a lot better as well. I thank Him everyday for the courage and strength He gives me as I navigate my life journey and work on being healthier in every way.
I am also praising Him for something else...if you've seen my post about Joanne you'll be happy to know she is doing much better now. She still has a long way to go, but she is breathing on her own now and starting to move more. She's made remarkable progress so far, and all glory goes to God. He is working miracles through her and I can't wait to see what other miracles He has in store for His sons and daughters!

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