Monday, January 10, 2011

First Week of 2011...Success!

Ahh...the first weigh-in of the new year. It's always a mix of emotions...excitement, nerves, hope...all come into play as I step on the scale. Knowing that I did my best this week always helps, but of course I want to see progress in the form of a lower number.
Thankfully I saw the lower number that I wanted. I weigh 216.0, for a loss of 2.2 pounds this week. I'm very happy with that. I don't have several hours a day to work out, but I make sure that I exercise as much as possible. I had a very small slice of cake at my niece's birthday party on Saturday, but otherwise ate healthy foods. The only day I missed a workout was yesterday, dealing with the cat allergies from the weekend. My niece's cat, who hates almost everyone, decided to plop herself in my lap, lay down and nudge her head against me. It's funny how the kitties always snuggle up to the people who are allergic to them first! After some Benedryl and good old Vicks rubbed on my head, I'm feeling much better.
I have to add here...I did not take my 8zone on Saturday or Sunday. I started feeling really weird and shaky. My stomach was upset as well. The way I felt points to an allergy to an ingredient in one of the supplements, which has happened before with other products. Because 8 zone lists all of the ingredients on the website, I had checked to make sure nothing I was allergic to was in them before agreeing to start. So, there must be something in them that I didn't know would bother me. The supplements may still work for some of you, but for me they're not going to be an option.
I also learned something new this weekend. One of my cousins has been sick for over a month with an intestinal infection. He was not able to eat much for quite a while and dropped a lot of weight. (He was already thin so his weight loss was not a good thing.) When I saw him at the birthday party he looked MUCH better. He told me that he discovered that when he cut all of the artifical sweeteners out of his diet that he immediately began to feel better. When he tried them again he felt sick, so he is off of them now completely. I was listening to this as I sipped my diet soda...and could not finish drinking it. I switched to water, then had coffee with dessert. I've been cutting back on the diet drinks but still had one once in a while. Now I see that I need to totally cut them out, and other foods that have artificial sweeteners. I'm going to explore this subject more to see the connection, and I will keep you posted on my findings.
Even without the 8zone I'm on the right track for 2011...and there's no stopping me now. I thank God for the lessons He is teaching me along the way, and since he has my back I know I can accomplish anything!

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