Monday, November 15, 2010

My Ultimate Goal: No Regrets!!!

In the past two weeks, I've gained half a pound. Many of you know that I'm dealing with some chronic fatigue issues, and tomorrow I should find out more on how to deal with that at my doctor's appointment. Still, I hate backsliding...knowing that I should be working out hard but having days that make it difficult.
I feel that I'm still not doing everything I can to get my health in order. Maybe I'm letting my mind take over and tell me that I'm tired, even on the days that I'm really not. The mind is more powerful than any of us actually realize. If there is a vitamin deficiency or thyroid problem, I will still need to overcome it and get things done. I'm still going to need to train my brain, because that is part of the battle. I just finished reading "Zero Regrets: Be Greater Than Yesterday" by Olympic champion Apolo Ohno. His book is part memoir, but even more than that it takes us inside the power of the mind to do our best on any given day. If you would like to read my review of "Zero Regrets", please go to and learn more about this incredible book. I guarantee that you will be inspired!
This is the way I want to live my life...knowing each day that I did everything I could to be my best and live life to the fullest. Time to push harder. Zero regrets baby!


Anonymous said...

You can do it Marie! Just think of all the weight we'll walk off on Black Friday:)

WriterMarie said...

Very true!!! LOL