Monday, November 8, 2010

Fighting Incredible Chronic Fatigue

See the woman pictured above? Now think of her with blonde hair...a few years older and a few sizes larger. Then it would be a current picture of me.

You would think that with the improvement in my eating habits I would have all kinds of energy. I've been dragging a lot lately, not exercising up to my potential...or even close. My mind is telling me to do it, but my body is not cooperating. I keep trying to work out, and I do get some in, but I tire way too quickly when I've only been at it a short time. I'm taking a daily multivitamin, magnesium supplement, and omega-3's, but I still feel exhausted most of the time, even when I haven't gotten much done yet. I'll accomplish a few things, but then feel like I need a nap or have to sit and relax for at least a couple of hours before getting anything else done. This happens when I have trouble sleeping...but it also happens when I've had a good night's sleep. It doesn't seem to matter either way with this fatigue.

I've discussed this with several friends, some of whom are having the same issues with lack of energy. It seems that a lot of women my age, and even younger, are dealing with some form of this. The final straw for me was this weekend. I sold my jewelry at a craft show on Saturday, but by the time I got home all I wanted to do was sleep. It's not like I was very active during the show...I sat at my table, waited on customers, and stood every so often when I got stiff from sitting. I was not on my feet all day or getting any exercise, yet I was completely exhausted. This turned into a major headache, litereally and figuratively. Even the extra hour of sleep from turning the clocks back didn't help, and I had to scrap most of my plans for Sunday because I could barely move. Finally I watched the Browns win (whoo-hoo!) and got some laundry and editing done, but not as much as I needed to get done. I had to stop and rest, even though I'd slept for hours and should have been raring to go. My headache was finally gone this morning, and I'm trying my best to get my energy up. I suspect thyroid issues, but friends have also mentioned a Vitamin D deficency and anemia as possible culprits.

I called my doctor's office to set up an appointment. He's out sick today (I often wonder how doctors do it...staying well most of the time when coming in contact with so many sick people) but the nurse set me up for next Tuesday. I have an appointment this week to get blood drawn at their lab, so the results will be ready for Tuesday and my doctor can begin to help me with this. In the meantime, I'm not giving up...I will do everything I can to get as much done as possible and exercise as much as I am able. I forgot to weigh in this morning and remembered when I had already eaten breakfast, so I will do it tomorrow first thing. I have faith that God will get me through this and I will be stronger than before!

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