Friday, September 3, 2010

Shoe Love IS True Love...My Wish List!

The other day I told you I found some new running shoes that I just have to have. These are the ones...Nike Dual Fusion in Green/Blue. It has everything I'm looking for in a running shoe, and exactly the color combination I want. It's not just because these are 2 of my favorite colors, but they would actually coordinate with quite a few of my running/workout clothes.

I'm sure I'm due for a new pair of shoes, because I've had my other ones for quite a while now and they are really starting to wear out. For now they have to go on my wish list, because I don't have the money for them at the moment. I'm going to start saving for them, and if I don't get them before Thanksgiving they are going on my Christmas list for my family to get for me.

I'm going to keep a picture of these shoes by my computer and refrigerator, to keep me motivated and help me work toward my goals. I'm already starting to feel much better, and I'm not as winded as I was a week and a half ago when I discovered that I let my healthy eating plan take too long of a vacation. My regular workouts are back, and so are my nutritious menus and recipes. I will be sharing some of these with you along the way, as I find really good ones that are healthy and taste great.

But for today...I'm pressing forward, and dreaming of my new running shoes!

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