Monday, September 13, 2010

Get Fit, Get Healthy...Get Bon!!!

I'm down 2.8 pounds since I last weighed in and saw my vacation gain, so I'm now at 207.4. This past week I lost 1.4 pounds, partially due to participating in my friend Bonnie's challenge.
Bonnie Matthews knows all about needing to get healthy. She lost 130 pounds over 2 years, and was featured on the Dr. Oz Show with her success story. She is one of his Wellness Warriors, and she is doing everything she can to help the rest of us get healthy and fit. The challenge started at the beginning of September, and runs through New Year's Eve. Bonnie's thinking is that most people just coast along during the fall and holiday seasons, and wait until New Year's Day to make a resolution. (I have to say she is right...I have done that in the past!) She is encouraging us to see just how much we can improve our lives before New Year's...a lot can be accomplished in 4 months!
The Get Bon Why Wait Weightloss Challenge is ongoing, so you can join in anytime and get on your healthy path. Bonnie posts weekly challenges that are doable...she won't ask you to work out for 8 hours until you puke! Her steps are easier to incorporate into your lifestyle, and they all add up to a better you. If you would like more infomation about her challenge on Facebook, go to Get on board with Bon and the rest of us...and get healthy!


Mesha said...

Thanks! I'm actually a part of this challenge on facebook already, although, I don't quite understand that page and/or how it works. :( i did lost 4 lbs this week though.

WriterMarie said...

Great job my dear! :o)