Monday, September 27, 2010

Photo Motivation

Yes, this is me. It's the me from 1993, right after I got married. My husband and I were on our honeymoon cruise, and he snapped this picture of me right before we disembarked for the day in Nassau. I know it's a little shadowy, but I can still see the person who was full of energy and ready to take on the world. I was not at my thinnest; I was ten pounds above that but still in pretty good shape. Of course, cruise ship eating got me, and even though I made some use of the gym on board and stayed pretty active, I gained 5 pounds that week. Once I was home and not indulging every day, those 5 came off pretty quickly.
Now here we are in 2010. My husband and I celebrated our 17th anniversary in June, and our son just turned 12 this past Friday. (Where did the time go???) I'm nowhere near the weight I was on that cruise, but I'm on my way there. My metabolism is 17 years older, so I have to work a little harder to get it going, but it is cooperating. This photo is amazing motivation for me, because I realize that I still looked and felt good at ten pounds above my thinnest, and my lightest weight was hard to keep there without starving or resorting to other unhealthy measures. This is what I'm aiming for...being fit, healthy, and energetic...ready to take on the world again. If I'm a size above my smallest size, that's quite all right. I only wish I had appreciated the me in this photo more at the time, instead of berating her for not being ten pounds thinner. I will not make that mistake this time around. I am loving myself at every size along the way!

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