Wednesday, February 24, 2010


After Monday's post, I decided to be really brave and take my picture down from the mantle, take it out of its beautiful Southwestern adobe frame, and scan it so I could show you what I was talking about. On the left is our friends' son, and on the right is our son. I bet you've figured out by now that I'm the one in the middle. As you can see, I made it to that point on the hike without collapsing, and I'm even smiling!
This photo is from 4 years ago. I weighed 217 pounds, just like I did back in late May when I started this journey. Even though this trip to Utah was a wake-up call for me, I still wound up at 217 this past spring. I did lose some weight, but never more than 9 or 10 pounds before falling off the wagon. I was always trying, but not succeeding for very long.
What is different for me this time around? I've made a plan, to make sure I keep going with the weight loss. Some weeks are better than others, but I never give up. Also...since I am going deeper inside of myself to deal with my fears and insecurities, I'm finding that 9 times out of 10 I'm working on my issues instead of reaching for chocolate, ice cream, or fast food. And on those rare occasions when I do give in, I still examine afterward the reason why I grabbed the comfort food.
The other main ingredient this time is a good support system...I have a wonderful group of people supporting me in real life, and phenomenal support over on Facebook. It really helps to talk to people who have been through what you are dealing with, or who are going through it now as well. Even though only I can make myself do the work needed...we still all support and help each other through it all, and knowing you are not alone is tremendous.
I am very proud that I am down 27 pounds from this picture. By the next time we get to hike in Utah...I will be able to have a picture of a fit, healthier me at the summit. I can't wait to have before and after shots from the same location!


Mesha said...

cant wait to see them...great job on 27 pounds and thank YOU for trucking along with me too. You are right, WE make it happen but support helps tremendously. :) Keep up the good work.

~*~ Beckie ~*~ said...

That's amazing! How incredible to look back at that pic and see your success. Good for you! You have MUCH to be proud of! :-)