Monday, February 8, 2010

Motivational Monday...Being Brave

OK...I'm sure you noticed you haven't heard from me since last Monday. It was the week from Hades in some ways, but also the week sent from Heaven.
I had a lot to get done, which never bothers me, except that my poor son was home sick from Tuesday through the rest of the week. He got to school on Tuesday morning, threw up, and I had to go pick him up. He had a flu that had to run its course and he really didn't start feeling better until Friday night. By then I was exhausted, running back and forth making sure he was OK and getting my work done. My husband had a job interview that at first looked promising...but when he got through finding out more about the company, he knew he couldn't even consider the job. It looked like a fly-by-night operation, and he had a bad feeling about it. Add to that some other emotional scenarios throughout the week...and I was done for. I still ate pretty well, except for Super Bowl Sunday. I did not, however, get much exercise.
I got on the scale this morning to discover I lost .6 pounds, which is a miracle considering the week I had. And...this puts me at I'm out of the 190's! Even though this week was a roller coaster for me, it was a growth experience. I'm learning more and more every day that I am braver and stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. Even on the rough days, I'm digging deep inside myself to find just what I'm made of...and I like what I'm finding! Today I am even presenting you with my most recent photo (see above), and I am proud of the woman in that picture!
This is my Motivational Monday challenge to you: YOU are your inspirational person this week. Look inside yourself and see what's holding you back. Start discovering what really makes you tick, and use it to become stronger and push yourself...we are all capable of so much more than we realize!


Debbie Alferio said...

Yes, Marie, you are strong and I envy that in you! No matter what you always find the positive side of things. Thanks for being an encouragement to those of us who tend to sway more toward the negative.

Kristina said...

So glad your son is feeling better and that you are so positive and finding strength in yourself! Good for you! And congrats on the loss

BEE said...

im new to your blog
just wanted to say your doing a great job
keep it up :)


WriterMarie said...

Thanks everyone...have to move on to positive things!!! :o)