Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fat Suit Thoughts

For the record...I LOVE the movie Shallow Hal. Of course there were the fat jokes throughout, but I felt they were necessary to show how a lot of people view those of us who are overweight. Since the movie also showed how one man learned to view people for their inner beauty, I watch this movie often. (Yes, I have the's probably almost worn out.)

Another funny thing about this is that I often use Shallow Hal as motivation for me to release my "inner Gwyneth Paltrow". A couple of weeks ago on Facebook, everyone was supposed to pick a celebrity that they resembled. Some of us couldn't figure that one out as easily, so we asked our friends their thoughts. One of my friends actually did say Gwyneth...and his words reminded me once again of this movie. Of course I am ME...but maybe there is a little bit of Ms. Paltrow waiting to come out! ;o)

Now, another friend reminded me today of something I often think about. A lot of people who have never had a weight problem do not understand what it's like to go through life with all of the extra pounds. We've seen not only Gwyneth Paltrow, but also other actors and actresses, don fat suits to play a role...or to walk the streets with hidden cameras to show how they are treated by people when they are "fat". These people get to unzip their fat suits at the end of the day and take them off. They remove the double chins and go on with their lives. Yes, they've learned something from the experience, but we who have to live with our weight on a daily basis can't do that. We have to work to have the pounds come off gradually...they don't just disappear overnight.

Now, some of my friends do understand even though they are thin...because they have learned that eating junk food makes them have less energy and not feel so good. They may be a smaller size, but they learned the nutrition lesson in all of this. Others still don't understand. They think if you've started to eat right and exercise, you should be all set. There is more to it than that. We have to deal with the issues in our brains that made us this way. If it were simple, we would all be thin already!

So just remember, the weight doesn't not come off in one lump comes off in layers!


BEE said...

very true
i love and own that movie also

Debbie Alferio said...

Great post, Marie! I would like to share that while I can't say what it's like to struggle with being overweight, I DO know what it's like to struggle with being underweight all your life. Many people take the mindset that being thin comes without issues, and that's definitely not the case. This is why I would caution anyone who is on a weight loss program to find a weight that is comfortable and compatible for his/her body shape and build, and not to go below that weight. Beautiful people come in all shapes and sizes. Being healthy and happy with who you are is what matters!

Marcelle said...

Very true indeed.

Patsy said...

Great post! I've never seen Shallow Hal simply because I cannot stand Jack Black! I might give it a go now... I know it's a favourite among other weight loss bloggers!

Mesha said...

GREAT WORDS..."comes off in layers." Love that! You know, I've been overweight and obese my entire life and I was blessed to never experience the "cruel world," much or maybe I just turned a deaf ear to it - but I didn't struggle with societies treatment towards me being obese. I do however know that a lot of skinny people out there just truly don't understand, nor can the fully comprehend it. They can sympathize with it but not relate. The eating right and exercise really IS the easy part - but you through the mind and emotions in the mix and it's a time bomb that has to be handled with care. I love reading from everyone discovering and tackling the mental part of weight loss head on. Thanks for a good blog!

WriterMarie said...

Thank you everyone! This post definitely hit home with a lot of people. It's all about finding the right weight for your body type, being healthy and living your life to the matter what size your jeans are at any given moment!