Monday, February 15, 2010

Motivational Monday...Pursue Your Dream

Let me start off with my weigh-in first, to get that out of the way. I weigh exactly the same as last Monday...189.8. I worked very hard this week, but yesterday I really celebrated for Valentine's Day. I'm sure that's what kept me the same, but I didn't gain! That is definitely a victory, and shows that you can celebrate sometimes on a holiday and then just pick up where you left long as you don't overdo it. I did enjoy some of those small victories though...more of the clothes that I tried on that used to be tight are now swimming on me. That shows just how far I've come in on this journey, and keeps me pumped to continue. I am ready to make this week rock!!!
For Motivational Monday...I turn again to the Olympic athletes, from all of the countries around the world. You already know that the skiing inspires me, because I want to get back to it myself. I have always loved figure skating and that is still my favorite to watch. I really do enjoy all of the sports in the Olympics, because I learn from each of them. I discovered how tough the biathletes are, as they pressed on in heavy rain and snow to live their dreams. I cheered as a Canadian skier won the gold, inspired by his older brother who has cerebal palsy. I've watched skaters (figure and speed) fall and pick themselves back up to continue toward their goals. And of course there is Apolo Anton Ohno...competing in his third Olympics, training harder than ever and down 20 pounds to improve his performance level. He already has a silver medal for the 2010 Games...and has the chance to become the most decorated American Winter Olympic Athlete. He never, ever gives up...and I admire that. you watch the Olympics this week, discover which athletes inspire you, and why. They can help motivate you toward your goals too!

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