Friday, February 26, 2010

Body By Marie...With A Little Help From Jake

I any of you still have this piece of exercise equipment in your house? It's the Body By Jake Ab And Back Plus. I've had it for years; when it first came out I ordered it from the infomercial, knowing that MY abs and back were in serious need of it. I worked out on it faithfully, and saw great results. Then once I was pregnant with my son, I stopped using it and haven't touched it since.
That is...until this week. (It's about time, since my son is 11 years old now!) Everything is still in good working order, so I have it all set up to use in front of the TV. I've been using it while I watch the Olympics, watching the athletes for motivation to push me while I work out. Seeing those sets of abs will make anyone want to work on theirs! Since my husband and his friend have started doing P90X, some of that equipment is hooked up as well, and I've been doing a few of those exercises. I am so sore...abs, back, arms...everywhere. But, it's a great feeling. It means that I'm getting all of the muscles working that I've neglected for so long. Not only is my body getting stronger, but my mind and spirit are benefitting as well. I'm feeling more confident than ever before.
I'm so glad I dusted off that old machine and got started with the ab and back exercises again. I let too many healthy habits fall by the wayside for too long, and now that I've started back up again, I'm teaching my son that exercise is an important part of our health. Taking care of me is helping my family as well as myself. So...what equipment do you having lurking around your house? Take the books and clothes off of it, dust it off and start using it again. You will be very happy that you did!

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