Friday, January 29, 2010

Perfectly Refreshing To A Tea

I've found a favorite new tea. Of course I heard all about the health benefits of drinking green tea...the powerful antioxidants that can help lower your risk of diseases, and the assistance in weight loss. I tried several brands of green tea, and most were pretty good. Now though...I have found an absolute favorite.

I hung out at my local Borders bookstore for a little while before meeting some friends for dinner. I decided to read a magazine in the cafe and have something to drink. When I came upon a bottle of Tazo Diet Mojito Green Tea, I was intrigued. Now, I love actual Mojitos, but rarely drink them since I'm staying away from as much alcohol as possible for weight loss. I figured I'd give this a try, so I paid at the counter and sat at a small table with my American Songwriter and my drink. I opened the magazine, and then the tea.

It was love at first sip. All I could do was stare at the bottle as I was drinking it. (I'm sure the other people in the cafe thought I had lost my mind.) This tea is absolutely amazing, with all natural ingredients and just a very tiny amount of sweetener (less than 2%). It tastes exactly like a mojito, and is completely satisfying without the alcohol. What a great way to be refreshed without derailing your diet and having a non-alcoholic treat! I will recommend this to everyone, and this is one love affair I never have to feel guilty about. Long live my relationship with Tazo Diet Mojito Green Tea...may you always be in my life!


Marcelle said...

Havent seen that here, but does it have Aspartame in it?
Am drinking the normal green tea - YUCK

WriterMarie said...

No aspartame...thank God. I know, some of the green tea are hard to get down. :o)

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