Saturday, January 23, 2010

Making The Most Of The Weekend!

What are you accomplishing this weekend? A lot of times we are catching up on stuff that needs to get done that we didn't have time for during the week. Other times we just need to take a break and slow down...get some rest, or go out and do something fun. It all depends on just what you're in the mood for, or what needs to get done.

I'm spending my weekend getting more organized. I know that having everything in its place will save me time in the long run, since I won't be wasting precious minutes searching for something I need when I need it. Plus, not being able to find something only causes stress, and who needs any more of that?

I am also planning for the week ahead. I'm looking at healthy recipes, and figuring out what I need so I can eat properly for the week. I'm scheduling my workouts along with all of my other appointments, and my writing and editing time. Sure, things sometimes come up out of the blue, but the more prepared I am, the better the week will go. You know what they say...if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Whatever is on your agenda for the next two days, I wish you a wonderful, blessed weekend. Let's make our plans to succeed!!!


Sandra said...

Today is my fun day, tomorrow is my organize for the week day (which I also think is fun).

Have a wonderful weekend!

Robert A Meacham said...

This weekend I plan to write at least three scenes for my novel, The Walk

Debbie Alferio said...

I'm planning to just take it easy and enjoy a few days off work. Oh, and work on my novel!

WriterMarie said...

All wonderful all depends what you need at that particular moment. I did take a well needed break to watch football yesterday! ;o)