Friday, January 8, 2010

Bringing Out The Inner Warrior

I've been thinking a lot about something that happened on The Biggest Loser Season 9 premiere. Jillian had a talk with Cheryl, who is on the orange team this season. Jillian noticed that Cheryl was awfully quiet the first week on the ranch. She told her that she needed to finally put herself first, open up and really push herself. Before you knew it, Cheryl was yelling, screaming, grunting, and really going for it. Everyone in the gym was amazed. Cheryl's hard work paid off...she lost 14 pounds and is off to a great start!
How many of us have been the same way? We put everyone else first and forget about ourselves. Yes, we need to take care of our families, jobs, and other concerns...but we also need to make time for us. The more we take care of ourselves and get healthier, the better we will be at taking care of others. We have to be able to have the energy and drive to do all of the things that must be accomplished everyday, and if we don't make the time for that, it will affect how we do everything else.
I am reaching down deep inside myself as well, thinking about what I want and need to accomplish, channeling my Inner Warrior and bringing her to the surface for the world to see. Visualize with me...we are strong and powerful, we can do it, and we are worth it. We all have a lot to offer the world, so let's bring it out and make it happen!


Kristina said...

I love this post! Your so right! I was the same way (still am to an extent). I have always put everyones needs before my own and I have hurt for it. this is MY year! And my family knows it and are supporting me. Heres to us! We can do it!

I have to say though, Cheryl scared the puddin out of me with all that yelling. Made you wonder where it was coming from! lol

Marcelle said...

you are so right...I am with you totally on this one, as I do my next few blog entries you will read that I am on the same path, I have to put my own needs higher on my list, live my life in my rhythm and not someone else's
So yes..

karen said...

I loved watching her son's reaction when she first started. They showed him sitting on the floor with a big grin on his face and you could almost hear him thinking "Attagirl! Go get 'em, mom!" Even though my son is only 3 1/2 I think even he knows that I tend to take care of everyone before I take care of me. I don't want that for either of us!

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