Monday, January 11, 2010

Motivational Monday...Back On Track!

The picture above is me with my husband, in 1991 when we had only been dating a couple of months. I keep these old pictures nearby now, to motivate me to get back down to that weight. Back then I used to fluctuate between 122 and 126 pounds, but always stayed within that range.
I worked hard this week, and it showed on the scale. I lost 3 pounds, so I lost all but .2 pounds of what I put on over the holidays. I'm at 193.2 and thrilled to be back on track. At least now I know more about exercise and nutrition, so I can lose the weight the right way. Back when I lost weight the first time, I hardly ate anything, and when I did it wasn't always the healthiest choice. I'm sure my exercise is what kept me going, but now my body doesn't even want to work out unless I fuel it in the right way. Too much sugar or other junk makes me hardly able to move around, or too dizzy to even think about the treadmill or an exercise DVD.
This past week I drank lots of water, NO DIET SODA at all. I ate clean, healthy foods and got back to working out. I worked my way up to my usual treadmill pace throughout the week, since the first couple of days my body was still getting over being sick. It's amazing how much better I feel already!
My motivational person for this week is Marissa Jaret Winokur. You know her from Hairspray on Broadway, Dancing With The Stars, and as the host of the first season of Dance Your Ass Off. She recently attended the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah and learned about nutrition and exercise herself. She has lost quite a bit of weight and looks awesome...and she is very happy that she now knows how to feed her young son better foods. To find out more about Marissa, please go to
How did your first full week of 2010 go? Let me know...we are all on this journey together!


Marcelle said...

So pleased to read you have given up Diet so bad for you...check all your foods for Aspartame - I was surprised to see where it was hiding.

Kristina said...

I remember those glasses and that hair! I had the same! lol
I also was think then....ugh! Good for you on watching your eating and for not drinking sodas. And for the loss on the scale! Great loss!

WriterMarie said...

Thank you! The diet soda thing is hard, but I know from reading Master Your Metabolism that I have to stop drinking it! And it really does make a difference. It's so funny looking at these blasts from the past! :o)