Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Staying Strong and Still Climbing!

Yesterday, my husband found out that he did not get the job that we were so sure was the one. We've been on this job roller coaster since May and it's been really tough. I know many of you are going through the same type of situation as well, or other problems that must be dealt with. To say we were upset is an understatement.

One thing I did not do this time is run to the cupboard or a fast food joint and start eating. I'm finally realizing that even though it may temporarily numb the pain, in the long run it only causes more pain and heartache. I've had no diet soda at all this week, and I'm drinking plenty of water. Instead of running to the refrigerator, I'm doing extra exercise, talking to friends, writing, or listening to music to calm the stress. I did have a good cry, but once it was over I decided not to dwell on the lost job and move forward with life.

One little bump along the way will not make me fall off of this mountain that God is having me climb. I'm still on my way to the top, and I know He has better things in store for us...we need to stay strong and turn to Him. God is my harness, and He will keep me safe and strong for the climb. He has placed many footholds along my way to help get me to the summit. He just needs me to be resilient and keep on climbing...and that is what I intend to do!


Kristina said...

Marie, I felt every single word you wrote. My husband and I are where your family is job wise and we are still believing that God has something for us. I refuse to give up or to give in. Ill pray for you and your family that God will open the door He knows will benefit your family best. Stay strong!

Tricia said...

I'll be praying for your family.

WriterMarie said...

Thank you ladies! We will all get through this! xoxoxo

Patsy said...

I'm so sorry your hubby didn't get the job you both thought was 'the one'... Well done for not comfort eating as a result.

If it's any consolation, about 18 months ago I went through a similar situation - applied for what I thought was my dream job and went for about 5 interviews with various staff members, along with several 'aptitude tests'. After literally months of interviewing/waiting (directors were working overseas and interviewing up their return) it was down to me and one other candidate. That other candidate already worked at their offices and for that reason alone she got the job. I then went on to get a job in Palliative Care which I loved, before falling pregnant a month later! lol

Keep your chin up (both of you).

Lynn said...

It is good to meet you, Marie, I am sad to hear about the job, but congratulations on your Journey!!
Best of everything to you and your family!

WriterMarie said...

Thank you everyone! xoxoxo