Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Small Victories

I didn't make it onto the treadmill last night. I had something come up and by then it was very late. (I know, I sound like Marcia Brady..."Something suddenly came up!") What was good about this is how I handled it. Normally I would have just been so bummed that I would have said, "See? I just don't have the time to exercise!" That usually leads to giving up.

This time, I still did some exercise. It wasn't as much as I would have gotten on the treadmill, but it was certainly better than doing nothing and feeling sorry for myself. I did stretches and jumping jacks, along with some leg lifts and arm circles. I also decided that I would start planning on getting my exercise earlier in the day, so there would be less chance for anything to derail my plans. Today I will exercise in the early afternoon, before my son gets home from school. This way I also have the evening free for "So You Think You Can Dance", because I'm writing a recap of tonight's show to be posted afterward for Ballroom Dance Channel.

I had another victory over the past two days...I got through the evenings without giving in to snacking. Bob and Jillian both recommend not eating after a certain time in the evening, so all of that food is not in your stomach when you go to bed. Late night snacking has always been a downfall for me, and even though I really wanted to snack I didn't give in. I just drank more water so I wouldn't feel like I needed to have anything to eat so close to bedtime.

Thinking about these small accomplishments helps keep me going and also stay in a positive frame of mind. I highly recommend that we all write down everything we did right each day, so we can focus on that instead of the things that didn't go according to plan. Of course, we still need to take those things into consideration, so we know how to fix them. All I can say is don't dwell on them, or else they'll get you down. Look at your list of positives and keep reaching for the stars!

Marie :o)

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