Monday, May 25, 2009

The Big Scale Moment

This morning was the moment...the moment of facing the scale, not knowing what number would pop up before my eyes. No, it was not the giant scale of Biggest Loser fame, but it sure felt like I was walking up to that huge platform, ready for the world to see what I weigh. (Especially since in a way, posting it here IS telling the world what I weigh!)

I always weigh in the buff, of course to take off every ounce of weight that I possibly can. No cute Biggest Loser tank tops and bike shorts to wear...but since I am NOT actually weighing myself in front of other people, this is OK. So after a trip to the commode I peel off the PJ's and undies and step on the scale.

After the standard zeroes flash for a few seconds, the number comes up...213.2. Almost my highest weight ever (while not pregnant), but not quite. That weight was 217, so at least I didn't get all the way back up to that. I take some comfort in that fact.

My next thought is...Marie, you must get your butt in gear! This is not acceptable! Too much sugar in my diet and grabbing whatever is convenient has taken its toll on my body. My family has been hit hard by the economy like so many other families, but like Jillian says, you don't have to spend a fortune to eat well. I am learning that now; I sure wish I had learned it sooner! I am exploring opportunites to shop for healthy food on a very tight budget, and I will tell you more about them as I learn. If I can get off my medications through this, I will be saving almost $100 a month as well.

Now you know what my starting weight is. I will never see that number again. I will be posting daily, but only weighing once a week. Otherwise I would stress myself out on the scale, and you might see me on the news throwing it out of my second floor bathroom window! Have a great Memorial Day everyone...and please pause to pray and remember the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Marie :o)


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to be your friend and to follow your journey as if it were my own!!!

I didn't weight in today as I will do that tomorrow. But, I am off to a great start w/ having had 4 egg whites & 1 tomato for breakfast :)

P.S. We weight exactly the same!

Happy Mem Day!

~Kristin Lynn~ said...

Marie! I am so glad we are doing this together!! Seeing your posts go up one day at a time lights a fire under me to do the same. I am SOOOO competitive! It's so sad. LOL

We have the same challenge, eating healthy on a budget! I know it can be done. I have recently found the joy of coupons and am very excited to get to Kroger to see how much I save! lol Last time I got $103 in groceries for $61!! You can beat that! That was the first time I used coupons in conjunction with the weekly add! And to think I have been paying full price all these years!!

Have a safe holiday!! Keep it up!

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