Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Relatively Good Start!

Well, day one of this new adventure went pretty well, in my mind at least! Being Memorial Day, of course it was not a typical day. We headed over to my dad's to visit for a little while , and then to my mother-in-law's for dinner. I'm thankful that she is so good about making healthy meals. She did make a cake though, and she was not offended when I passed it up because she knows I'm trying to stay on track and get healthier. We all wound up taking a nice long walk around her neighborhood, and though I didn't time it exactly, I know it was at least 45 minutes of constant walking. It felt so good to get through a holiday without stuffing myself, eating junk food, and just sitting around. It was the perfect way to start this journey. (Other than us having to clean up the dog poop on the walk, of course!)

It's been raining on and off here so far today, so I'm planning to rock the treadmill this evening. I'm eating pretty well, but I know I need to get to the store and get fresh fruits and veggies, among other healthy foods. At least right now I have some Lean Cuisines and frozen vegetables to work with, and some canned fruit...canned in juice, NOT heavy syrup. I have to stay away from the sugar as much as I can!

I didn't get to read any more yesterday, but I did show my dad Jillian's book Master Your Metabolism. He is diabetic, and it runs in my family so I have to be careful about that too. He read just the section on the insulin hormone, and said he learned more in those few pages than he had in an entire book on the subject. Once I finish reading it, I will be lending it to him. I don't think my lovely stepmom will mind if my dad declares that he needs to kiss Jillian after reading the whole book!

I really have to add something important here today: I am so thankful for all of the support I'm receiving from all of you, and my family and friends. There are a lot of us on this journey together, and I'm so happy that we can all inspire each other. Learning is such an important part of the journey, and so is friendship. Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul!

Marie :o)

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~Kristin Lynn~ said...

YAY MARIE!! It's tough making those choices huh!! I love your attitude though! You are so positive and have such a great outlook. KEEP THAT! There are going to be many days ahead where we have to draw on it. :)

Thank you SO much for your support. I am here for you too girl!!