Friday, November 1, 2013

Fresh Start November!

October has been an extremely challenging month.

All kinds of issues have come up - trying to work around my son's school schedule while working retail, not knowing my work schedule each week until the very last minute (and it STILL being subject to change in the middle of the week), trying to fit everything in that needs to be done, and not being able to sleep from all of the stress, then trying to function each day on very little sleep.  And that's only part of the challenge.

Now that November is here, I've discovered that I gained a couple of pounds back...most likely because I turned to food to deal with stress and I've been so exhausted from insomnia that the workouts I have been able to fit into my schedule wound up being cut short - or not being at full speed as I would have liked.  There has been - and still is - a lot of prayer and tears while trying to figure it all out.  At least I finished the editing on my novel so I can look for a publisher, so something was accomplished during this time!

One thing I do know for sure...something has to give soon.  I refuse to let November go by with no weight loss (or a gain), making me feel even worse than I already do.  Seeing pictures of my self from the last couple of weeks only makes me more depressed...but also motivates me to do better. And I'm still catching up on this week's Biggest Loser - since I had to work and was unable to watch/recap.

So on this 1st day of November, I declare a fresh start.  I will find a way to get all of my workouts in, while being more careful about what I eat, even when I'm stressed.  (which is, by the way, pretty much 24/7!)  I will continue to pray that God leads me in the way I should go so there can be more of a balance in my life.  And I will keep the faith - and hope - alive that things are going to improve as long as I set better goals and carry on.

Please feel free to share your goals for the month with me, as we support each other on the journey of life.  Here's to a better, more successful November!

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