Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Biggest Loser 15 - Jillian Breaks The Rules, White Team Pays The Price

In the past, we've had contestants break the rules and suffer the consequences of their actions.  But this time, it's a trainer's mistake - and it costs her team dearly while giving another player a second chance.
More on that after we recap the rest of the week.  The red team is coming to grips with losing Ruben, who they describe as the light that inspired them.  They know it's time to regroup and get focused, and Dolvett knows it too.  That's why he takes them to meet the ladies of Beat Cancer Bootcamp.  These women have all been through cancer or supported someone who has, and they work out HARD to stay healthy and strong, both physically and mentally.  David is especially moved, since he lost his first wife to cancer and made her a promise to take care of their girls.  The workout became a source of healing for him (for me as well, since I've lost my mom and several family members to cancer).  the bootcamp ladies show all of us what it means to never give up - and are the inspiration Dolvett's team needs to move forward.
Ali leads the players to this week's challenge, which is to cook a healthy meal that not only pleases White House Chef Sam Cass, but all three of our teen ambassadors from last season.  Sunny, Lindsay, and Biingo are judges along with Sam...and Biingo still hates vegetables so the teams have their work cut out for them.  The blue team wins by making a delicious quesadilla that disguises the veggies enough that Biingo goes back for more!  The prize is a year's worth of groceries for each team member, which really pleases Hap...he can't wait to share all of the fresh produce with his family.
While the teens are there, red team member Jennifer has a talk with Biingo and his mom about how they became a healthier family.  Jenn really wants to help her daughter lose weight and get the whole family on a better path, and she got some wonderful advice to take home with her when it's time for her to leave the ranch.
This week's workouts got very interesting.  Dolvett informed his team that Tanya was sick in bed and they would have to work out without her.  Later in the day, she was able to get up and still get some exercise in - the bootcamp ladies had made her realize that she needed to get back up and get going again.  Bob worked his blue team hard, hoping to still save their "save" and keep their progress.  Jillian worked the white team out in the pool, and discovered that Craig didn't know how to swim.  She got him to overcome his fear of the water and start swimming...shades of Maria from Season 9! 
Before the weigh-in began, Alison made a surprising announcement.  Jillian broke the rules the week before by giving her team caffeine supplements without a doctor's permission.  Because of this, the white team would be penalized this week with a 4 pound disadvantage.  And...the blue team's immunity would carry over, keeping them safe again this week.  Furthermore - Ruben would be brought back after the weigh-in to compete again, since the previous week's numbers became invalid.
Jillian's only apology was that she stands by the supplements, and she's sorry that her team was going to suffer.  I feel that if it was in the rules, then any supplements should not be given, no matter what kind they were. I also understand that these types of supplements have been used in past seasons without any issues, so Jillian may not have done anything wrong or unusual.  Being a reality show edited for television, we don't know the whole story or what exactly is set in the rules.  But I do feel badly for the white team members who were caught in the middle of this.
The white team did lose the weigh-in, and Craig fell below the red line, which automatically sent him home.  I'm really glad he had the chance to face some of his fears before he left, and that Jillian used the save on him so he could have those 4 extra weeks on the ranch.
Next week Ruben is back for his second chance - and their are more surprises in store for all.  What do you think of Jillian's supplement debacle?  Please share with me in the comments, or on Twitter or Facebook!


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