Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Biggest Loser 15 - Ruben Comes Back, Bob's Team Is Blue

What a difference a week - or six - makes.

This week the contestants revisit their old selves, along with having Ruben revisit the ranch due to Jillian's "cheating".  When Jill meets with her team after the weigh-in, she sincerely apologizes to them for putting them in this position, saying that what she thought was helping them backfired.  They all agreed that they have her back and want to move forward.

Ruben is impressed with how great everyone looks now, as they are with him since he kept up the hard work while he was at home.  I'm glad to have him back but feel bad for Craig who went home.  (although in the update we see Craig's lost 110+ pounds, so he's doing well!)

In this week's challenge, the teams have to transport balls to a trampoline, then bounce them to a teammate who bounces them to a target with point values on it.  The first team to get to 30 points wins, and each team member receives $1000.  David really steps up for the red team, helping them gain the victory and the cash.

In the gym, Dolvett wants to keep the momentum from the challenge going and works his team out hard.  Rachel expresses how happy she is that they are all like family now; she works from home and feels isolated, so having the connections and contact with other people is good for her.  (Being someone who does most of my work from home, I can vouch for that...it really is good to get out and get connected!)  Jillian gets the white team to step up, while Bob's blue team is a little nervous after losing their first challenge.

Each team is surprised with a DVD to watch, which shows each member as they were at their initial interviews six weeks ago.   All of them are shocked at their beginnings, but really proud of the way they've changed over the course of time.  David's clip is especially moving, and it's wonderful to see all three teams bonding together without any thought of competition at this point.  This is as is should be:  all of them supporting each other no matter what color shirt they wear!

Last season's winner, Danni, stops by for a visit with - what else - sandwiches from Subway.  (What a shocker...right?)  She gives them advice as they move toward the finale, which isn't really all that far way now.  And of course she tells them all about Subway's Fresh Fit menu!

Ruben and Dolvett head over to Ruben's record producer David Foster's house to hang out in the recording studio.  (David Foster?  Yes...I'm just a bit jealous!)  David is proud of how far Ruben has come on his weight loss journey, and gives Ruben a new song to try out that fits what he is going through.  I have a feeling we may hear this song in its entirety at the finale - just a hunch!  And they even get Dolvett to sing...he actually sounds pretty good!

At the weigh-in, the blue team loses for the first time and Matt falls below the red line.  After a few minutes pondering, Bob decides to use the save on Matt, so nobody is going home.  This, however, means that there are no saves left. 

Next week the contestants celebrate Thanksgiving Biggest Loser style, and not only is one person definitely going home, but we learn there will be a double elimination.  Who will it be?  Looks like we'll find out next week!

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