Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Biggest Loser 15 - A Long Trip Home and a "Double Elimination"

After Holley was eliminated at the end of last week's emotional episode, Alison told everyone that someone else would be going home.  They thought it might be a double elimination.
It turned out that they were wrong...but in strange way, there was still a double elimination - so to speak.
Ali was right about someone else going home, but only for a week with their trainer.  After a spin of the wheel with each player's picture on it, it landed on Jay.  Jillian would be going home to Missouri with him, and his weight would be the only one that counted this week for the white team.  The other teams would still count everyone's weight.  Jay was thrilled...Jillian, not so much.  She worried about leaving Marie and Tumi without a trainer, and of course all of the pressure on Jay to pull a big number to keep them all safe.  She needn't have worried TOO much.
On the ranch, Dolvett put his team through an NFL training camp style workout to motivate them.  On top of that, he had Ruben's old high school football jersey sent over to for extra inspiration.  They were both thrilled that it fit again now, and Ruben worked hard to remember the athlete he used to be years ago.
Speaking of former athletes - Rachel was a state champion swimmer in high school, and had received scholarship offers from many different colleges.  She chose her boyfriend over that opportunity, and regretted it ever since, especially when they broke up and she was left all alone to think about what she had given up for him.  That was when she turned to food for comfort.  Dolvett got her back into the pool to swim laps and timed her.  Her first results was decent, but nowhere near her times in the past.  The competitor in her came out, and she kept going until she improved her time over and over again.  Dolvett was happy to see her get some of her old fighting spirit back.  (Hmm...I wonder what ever happened to that old boyfriend?  I'm glad Rachel is choosing what's best for HERSELF now!)
Bob trained both the blue team and the white team, saying that Jillian would have done the same for his team if he'd had to go home with one of his players for a week.  Tumi and Marie were worried about keeping up with Bob at first, but realized they were stronger than they thought.  I love that Bob had Jill's back this week!
Meanwhile, Jillian met Jay's family and friends, then took to torturing him in the barn using various farm equipment and his body weight to get good workouts.  He showed her around the family farm, then explained how not long after his parents got divorced, the family home burned to the ground.  He's been trying to move forward without ever taking time to grieve, but Jill got him to admit that it felt like he had died along with his parents' marriage and home.  They really bonded, and Jill was finally glad that she made the trip with him, acknowledging that everything happens for a reason.
The two of them got back in time for the weigh-in, where it was revealed that Jay lost 12 pounds and definitely kept his team safe.  The other two teams had weird numbers, but in the end the red team had to send someone home.  Ruben fell below the red line and was eliminated, making it a double elimination for him.  He was sent home for the second (and I believe final) time, and next week we'll learn how he's been doing at home.  (As for Holley, things are going well and she's starting to compete at weightlifting again...lifting even more than she did before!)
Next week also promises to be interesting on the scale, and with a possible Jillian meltdown.  I wonder why?  I guess we'll find out in a few days!


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