Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Biggest Loser 15 - Fiery Fall Finale

This is a first for The Biggest Loser.

This season, which began in September, will not end with the usual December finale, which gave past contestants some room to relax over Christmas.  Their seasons were done, so New Year's truly began the next chapter of their lives.

The Season 15 contestants won't have that breathing room.  Tonight was the fall finale, with the next part of the season to start again in January.  So if they want to keep their eyes on the prize, they need to keep the Christmas cookies and eggnog out of sight.  Their season begins in one year but continues into then next.

On tonight's episode, we get an update on Bobby, who was eliminated last week.  He's lost over 90 pounds so far, and had the courage to speak with his father about coming out.  He was pleasantly surprised to find out that his dad supports him all the way no matter what and is proud of him.  But being Biggest Loser, this may not be the last we've seen of Bobby...

Alison informs the players that the game is now moving to singles, and they each receive shirts with their new individual colors.  They then participate in the "Ring of Fire" challenge - each of them must support a rod that weighs 20 percent of their body weight in the middle of a ring to determine their endurance.  If they waiver and the rod touches the ring, it bursts into flames and they're out of the challenge.  The last one standing gets a 1 pound advantage at the weigh-in.  After over an hour and a half, Rachel wins the challenge along with the coveted advantage.  There is a double elimination this week, so this pound might make all of the difference between staying and leaving.

Ali also mentions a special challenge for those who make it to the last week on the ranch...they will participate in the first Biggest Loser triathlon, where the winner will earn an automatic spot into the finals.  Rachel really wants to make it to the tri - especially because she wants to show what made her a champion swimmer in the past and reclaim athletic glory.

The trainers are enjoying this switch to singles, because they now get to work with all of the players instead of just their own teams.  Dolvett is proud of Matt for how far he's come in the past 10 weeks, and Jillian has another talk with David, who gives himself permission to let go of the past and become who he's always known he's supposed to be. 

Bob works with Jennifer, who has trouble getting over her fear of the box jump.  (I have to admit...that would be an intimidating move for me as well!)  Afterward when she's recovering from the workout, she is angry with herself for failing and bursts into tears, worried that she will revert back to old habits and negative self-talk.  Bob tells her not to beat herself up, and to congratulate herself for confronting the fear and moving past the negative to the positive.  Jen feels somewhat better and throws herself into the remaining workouts.

Jay and David decide to exact a little "revenge" on Rachel for beating them in the challenge, and she suggests a pool race.  They give themselves a head start to win, knowing that she's an excellent swimmer and they probably wouldn't be able to best her in the pool.  Rachel is a good sport though, and she delivers them breakfast in bed...from Subway, of course!

When it's time for the moment of truth on the scale, both Hap and Matt fall below the red line and are eliminated.  Alison, however, tells them they may not be leaving just yet.  The two of them, along with all of the other eliminated contestants, will compete to win back a spot on the ranch and back into the game.  With that announcement, all of those already eliminated march back into the gym, ready for another chance.

What will happen in this new twist?  Tune in on January 7th to find out.  I already can't wait to see who makes it back onto the ranch!

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