Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Biggest Loser 15 - Tricks and Treats

After missing last week's Biggest Loser due to work and catching up on it a few days ago, I was more than ready to watch tonight's show when it aired.  And I'm definitely glad that I could - because there was a lot of action this week!

We begin where last week left off...with Tanya, who had just been saved from going home by Dolvett.  She feels the pressure to step it up this week, since the team save was used on her and the next person to fall below the red line would go home.  She wants to do her part to make sure the red team is safe from elimination.

Of course, the next item on the Biggest Loser agenda is the first temptation of the season.  Alison leads the players to a pumpkin patch, informing them that the pumpkins are filled with tricks (candy and pumpkin pie) or treats (cash or immunity for the team).  If someone's pumpkin contained food they had to eat it, or else their team would not be allowed to continue on to play for the immunity.  Several rounds went by before immunity was discovered, causing thousands of calories to be consumed by all three teams.  The blue team, however, took in the least amount of calories AND found the immunity. 

Bob was happy that his team would be safe at the weigh-in, as long as none of them gained weight.  He was also inspired by his team member Holley, who is trying to get back into the Olympics as a weightlifter - just in better shape than the last time.  He wanted her to see women in the 165 weight class lift, so she would realize that she would be even stronger and able to lift more as she lost weight.  Holley also got the chance to lift, proving to herself that she is gaining muscle as her weight goes down and she will still have the power she needs to get to the Olympics. 

In the meantime, the white and red teams worked out furiously to stay away from elimination.  Only the blue team has a save left, so this week someone would definitely be sent home.  At times some of them felt ready to pass out or throw up, but after a short rest they were able to get back to the workout and keep going.  Nobody wanted to be the 2nd person to go home this season.

We also got to catch up with last season's teen ambassador Biingo, who has lost even more weight and kept it off.  His mom is thrilled that he's so active now, because he doesn't sit as much in front of video games anymore. And Biingo's whole family has lost almost 300 pounds with his motivation and encouragement.  It's great to see the whole family become healthier!

Finally, it's time for the moment of truth on the scale. The blue team goes first, and since all of them lost weight they keep the immunity.  All of the teams' numbers are on the lower side (it seems like this season the numbers are much lower overall) but the red team is the one with the lowest percentage of weight loss.  The person below the red line is Ruben, so he automatically goes home.  I'm glad Tanya squeaked by again, but I'm also disappointed that Ruben's time on the ranch was up.  He vowed to continue the hard work at home so he would be soulful AND sexy by the finale.

Next week, it looks like Tanya has a critical breakdown...and it also appears that someone will finally have a big loss on the scale.  I wonder who it will be?  We'll find out in a week!

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