Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Biggest Loser Season 15 - The Dreaded Week 2

It's Week 2 on the ranch...also typically known as The Week From Hell each season to both the contestants and the trainers.  Weight loss seems to slow down tremendously, causing all sorts of problems and wreaking havoc on the team percentages.  And as it turns out - this season is no different.

Well, at least number-wise it's not different.  The twist this time is that only one player's weight loss from each team will count.  The trainers will roll dice with their players' faces on them to determine who it will be.

The advantage comes to the team that wins the first challenge of the season.  Teammates are tied together and must lug buckets of water to a tank.  The team that fills the tank first gets a second die to roll...and their trainer gets to choose which one of those two people whose faces show up will be the one whose weight counts.  Dice play a role in the challenge as well, as rolling them determines how many buckets of water a team can carry each time. 

It was a close race between the blue and red teams, but red edged out blue for the win, giving Bob a choice at the weigh-in.  That's the other kicker: nobody knows until the dice are rolled at the scale who it will land on, so everyone needs to work hard!

I really wish we still got to see 2 hour episodes, since it's hard to cram it all into an hour. I'm sure we miss a lot this way.  We get to see Ruben's visit to Dr. H - where he learns he has diabetes.  I'd like to see what the other players learned from the doctor as well, so hopefully that will be woven into future episodes.

The tear-inducing moments of the show came from Craig, who feels responsible for his father's death because he, as a kid, didn't realize that his dad wasn't just fooling around...and from Hap, whose wife gave birth to their 3rd child (and 1st son) while he was on the ranch.  He met his new son over Skype - and vowed right then and there that he was going to do his best so he could be around for his family for a long time.  Again...I hope we get to see more of the personal stories, which are hard to fit into the shorter episodes!

We also got to catch up with Lindsay, one of our teen ambassadors from last season.  She looks amazing and HAPPY, and she has inspired her whole family to lose weight, especially her older brother.  It's so good to see her continuing her healthy lifestyle and passing on what she's learned.

At the weigh-in, the roll of the dice gave Tanya the responsibility for the red team and Fernanda the honors for the white team.  Blue had the choice between Hap and Chelsea, so Bob picked Hap to represent.  Everyone's numbers were lower than Week 1, with some players doing better than others.  Unfortunately for the white team, Fernanda only lost 2 pounds to put them at the bottom.  Since Jillian had already used her save, when Fernanda fell below the red line she was automatically sent home.

And it looks like we have to wait until the beginning of next week's show to see how Fernanda is doing since she went home.  Way to keep us in suspense NBC!  I'm looking forward to seeing her progress as well as the new episode, where it looks like someone will have the first zero of the season on the scale.

Who will it be?  Tune in with me next week to find out!

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